• When: 
  • QIC: Harp
  • The PAX: Baby Ruth, Farmer, Scribble, Spice Girls, Sauerkraut, Snookie, Hoboken, Biebs, Kiffin, Patches, Harp (Respect

Championship Saturday

Snakepit has struggled with Saturday numbers over the last few weeks, but this saturday pax rolled in ready to play.


33, cold and overcast


Mosey to the field and count off in 1’s and 2’s

When the disc started flying we were 4 vs 4 on a short field.  After a short time, Kiffin had to leave and 3 more pax came rolling in and we switched to a longer field.  We will continue to have UF on Saturdays as long as the numbers sustain a good game.

It was good to see Snookie again after some time at the beach, along with some of our others who had been posting elsewhere.

There is activity 7 days a week at the pit, so whatever form of exercise you are into, it’s available.

Mosey back to the Flag




Dam 2 Dam


Other AO’s with Froccer, UF, BBall, etc

Noxgear contribution, Wells family donation


Wells Family

Closing Prayer: Hoboken