• When: 2020-02-06
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Swayze, Nub, Rabbi, Urkel, HT

Slip n’ Slide, Allergy Edition

5 PAX displayed mucho CANTORE in the gloom this morning. What better way to show appreciation than to give them what there hearts desired, a throwback to the time when playing in the mud was a great gift. A time before trivial allure of growing up slowly takes away the quantity and quality of those moments. YHC was humbled to have some fellowship to enjoy the Q with. YHC would like to apologize for ragging on all the PAX that couldn’t make it due to the mass amount of water allergens present, YHC did not see the allergy alert on WIS before he put on his Old Spice and headed out.

Conditions: wet and wild

Disclaimer, Prayer

Warm Up: SSH x 20IC, Mosey around gym stopping twice for SSH x10 IC. Mosey to practice field. At goal line on your 6, V-UP x10IC, American Hammer x10IC. RECOVER.

The Thang: We had to practice some Belching. From the goal line sprint, the Q calls “Down” and the PAX drop to their bellies (much more fun with shorter distances). The PAX who got a lead must low crawl backwards and the trailing PAX must low crawl forward until all PAX are back in a line. Q calls “Up” and PAX get up and sprint until Q calls “Down” and then we repeated for 100 yards. Rinse and Repeat back down the field 100 yards to the start.

11’s with V- Ups and BBs, starting with ten V-Ups and one BBS.

Another Belching routine 100 yards.

Mosey to the awning at the gym. Plank o Rama Mama for the final 10 minutes. Alternate between Plank exercise (such as shoulder taps) with mary excercises on your 6 (such as gas pumps). TIME

Count O Rama, Name O Rama, COT, BOM

Prayer Request: the Fowler family, Nub’s boss, HT’s Niece

Announcement: CCC workday 9am Saturday Rabbi posted details, AXE throwing Saturday with the B’s and Wanna B.

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