• When: 2019-06-04
  • QIC: Knozit
  • The PAX: Bing, Megellan, Dr. Lovin, Soaker, Bunk Bed, Coon Dog, Man Bun, Hulka, Ram Rod, Cheers, Knozit(R)

Shawshank Pax enjoy some time in “The Yard”

Conditions:  Very comfortable 68 degrees with a chance of sprinklers

The Thang – Several of the Shawshank Pax are participating in an Ab Challenge for June and since this was the “rest” day for the challenge…YHC attempted to keep the ab work to a minimum.  There are other ways to deliver a beat down.  The men of Shawshank are some of the finest in F3 and were ready for YHC.


Mosey across bridge for COP

SSH 50x  IC

LBAC 15x(forward)  15x(Backward)  IC

O Claps 30x  IC

Windmills 20x  IC

Mosey back toward bridge

BearCrawl bridge

Find a Bench

Step Ups R. Leg  20x OYO

Step Ups L. Leg  20x OYO

Box Jumps  20x OYO

Step Ups R. Leg  20x OYO

Step Ups L. Leg  20x OYO

Mosey on path to main field – partner up

The Yard – Partner 1 runs around cones in square shape… always forward facing; run forward, shuffle left, forward, shuffle right, backward, shuffle left, backward to start Partner 2 performs exercise-then Flap Jack.

100 Jump squats

80 Hydrolics  (both elbow count as one rep)

150 Calf Raises

100 Lunges  (either leg single rep)

Mowing The Grass – Wheelbarrow around the course (Partner 1 & switch at the halfway cone with Partner 2)  * Crowd Pleasers!

Finale –  Bunny Hop  the course

Mosey back to SF


Count/Name-a-Roma  (11 Pax)

Announcements:  June Ab Challenge continues and invited pax who had not started on day #1 to join in.

Ryan Rawl Memorial WO – July 4th

Palmetto 200 (2020) teams are forming now

Shawshank Gear/Shirt Order – 5 days left

Prayer Request:

Cowbell healing after surgery

Man Bun’s brother Gall Bladder surgery