• When: 2018-09-18
  • QIC: Quisenberry
  • The PAX: Wapner, Granola, Blindside, Swanson, PickAxe, GloboGym, Kyrie, Boo, Ranger, Pocahontas, Jobu, Blackout, BreakfastClub, Quisenberry

September 2018 PT Test

14 Pax posted this am for the September version of the PT Test.  Big surprise of the morning was the Nantan posted at TP.  An even bigger surprise is Blindside made a return to the gloom and he brought Blackout with him. Work was done and betterness was received. Strong Work Men!

Conditions: Mid 70s and more sweaty

The Thang:

Mozey through the parking lot and circle up in the back parking lot.

  • SSH x 15 IC
  • LBAC x 10 IC each way
  • IW x 15 IC
  • TTT x 15 IC

Mozey down to the field, and partner up for PT Test

  • 1s do Merkins for 2 Minutes then FlapJack
  • 1s do BBSU for 2 Minutes then FlapJack

Recovery Mozey (to allow the hip flexors and quads to regain feeling) about 1/4 of a lap and back to the corner by the steps for 2 mile / 20 minute run

Click here for Results

Mozey back to SF


  • Count-o-Rama
  • Name-o-Rama


  • Plenty of Mumblechatter…. but we expected nothing less…..


  • Wingman Thursday
  • Friday – 4th Anniversary for the Reaper
  • 10/6 – 3rdF opportunity in Fall Click here if interested (DM has been started for Coordination)
  • 11/10 – Cheech 10K


  • Pax Dealing with injuries
  • FryDaddy’s 2.0 – Corbett
  • PaperJam tenant – House Fire and in Burn Center
  • Canseco – MiL Chemo
  • SS Friend’s 2.0 – Skin Cancer
  • Marriages across the board and wide range of needs
  • Tater’s M’s Family
  • William Anderson Family
  • Rebar – Surgery Recovery
  • Canseco – Shoulder
  • Swanson’s Dad
  • YHC’s BiL
  • The Flanagans
  • Gump and Family

Devo: Never Allow Fears to Overwhelm Your Faith

In David’s day they fought “by representation.”  One man would fight for the nation as a whole, and the country of the losing warrior became subservient to the country of the conquering warrior.  The upside is obvious, isn’t it?  Everybody didn’t have to die!  So David versus Goliath was really Israel against the Philistines.  It was a one-on-one contest: winner take all.  We’re familiar with David’s victory over the giant with faith, a stone, and a slingshot.  Yet scripture tell us he picked up not one, but “five smooth stones.”  Why?  it wasn’t lack of faith – he knew that Goliath had four brothers.  Observe:

  1. Giant Killers realize that their giant represents greater issues.
    A giant never stands alone; behind him lie his causes.  Overeating, addiction, abuse, and anger are all driven and supported by other issues.  Somewhere behind the obvious giant are his supportive brothers – pain, guilt, lose, and shame.  David was prepared with five stones – one for Goliath and one for each of his four brothers.  What lies behind your giant?  With God’s help you can conquer both the giant and his support team.
  2. Giant-Killers are not overwhelmed by the challenges.
    Never allow your fears to overwhelm your faith.  The Bible says that “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind” (2Tim 1:7).  Fear will feed on the failures of the past, but you can’t allow yesterday’s failures to overwhelm today’s faith.  So take your failings; list them on a piece of paper and boldly print at the top of the page: “Things I don’t need to try again.”

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