• When: 2019-11-05
  • QIC: Scotch
  • The PAX: Parking Lot, Hoist, Half Empty, Wild Hog, Dangle, All 9's, Iron Mary, Gravedigger, Mercy Rule, Cramps, Meatball

Scotch birthday pump

12 guys awoke from the #fartsack and decided to take their talents to The Hollow for YHC’s birthday Q.  YHC wrote out the #weinke yesterday afternoon, but still forgot lights to use during the workout.  Thankfully the men at The Hollow are a resilient bunch, and we were able to press on.

Weather:  50 degrees

Disclaimer and Prayer

The workout:

Circle up after prayer.

SSH x10 IC

TTT x10 IC

Windmill x10 IC

Mosey to lower band field.  There were supposed to be 2 lighted vests to mark the stations.  We used bushes and the corner of the school which were not effective markers.

Bear crawl to the first marker, 10 merkins, bear crawl to the second marker, 10 merkins, sprint back

Side plank walk to first marker, 10 merkins, side plank to second marker, 10 merkins, sprint back

Bear crawl to the first marker, 10 merkins, bear crawl to the second marker, 10 merkins, sprint back

Side plank walk in the other direction to first marker, 10 merkins, side plank walk to the second marker, 10 merkins, sprint back

Mosey to the block pile and grab a block.  Circle up near the block pile.

Merkin and Shoulder press ladder.

1 merkin, 4 shoulder press.  2 merkins, 8 shoulder press.  3 merkins, 12 shoulder press, And so on until you reach 10 merkins and 40 shoulder press.

Put your blocks down.  Line up for an indian run around the school.  Finish up at the blocks.

Block squat and curl ladder.

1 squat, 4 curls.  2 squats, 8 curls.  And so on until you reach 10 squats and 40 curls.

Return your blocks and circle up for Squatfest.  All exercises are 15 reps OYO.


Sumo squat

Fast squat

Feet parallel squat

Rock bottom squat

Lunge squat right leg

Lunge squat left leg

Finish up with 20 BBSU OYO


Thirsty Thursday is 1 week earlier this month.  Meeting at Oharas.  Stay tuned for updates.

Lexington HS Volleyball tonight plays against RBHS for lower state playoffs

Dam to Dam relay – sponsorships and volunteering opportunities available

Cheech’s Birthday run this Friday.  Runvergence at Stride.

RunHard 5k this weekend.  If you want to be a buddy runner, reach out and let us know.

Prayer requests:


Several pax going through some marriage struggles.

Cramps mom is having rotator cuff surgery

Scotch’s wife’s coworker’s son


I spoke to a man a few weeks back about doing some work for his daughter.  He lives in Savannah and his daughter lives here in Columbia.  After speaking about the services my business offers, he asked me to send him my contact information.  He said his daughter communicates better by email.  He then told me she has a disability and because of that, he tries to make sure she has help with certain projects that he isnt able to take care of himself.  Yesterday I received an email from his daughter.  She provided me with some times to come by and on the bottom of her email I noticed a link.  BrantleyGB.com is the website.  For the next 20 minutes or so I read Brantley’s website, my eyes filling with tears, and I immediately knew I needed to talk about this to my family and to my F3 brothers.  You see, Brantley has Cerebral Palsy.  Her dad lives in Savannah and she lives up here…independently.  Her website describes her disability and it talks about the common misconceptions that people have about people with disabilities.  Brantley has equipment that helps her to live a normal life and she is on boards with associations that help others with similar disabilities.  I havent met Brantley, but I am blown away by her approach to life.  She could sit back and do nothing, quite frankly she has all the reasons in the world to do nothing but feel sorry for herself.  Instead, she is making a difference in the lives of others.  She lives independently.  She goes to college.  She has a job and makes her own money.  I feel sorry for myself for lack of business at times in my company, not being motivated to get out and run SL, feel like a below par AOQ, bad parenting decisions, terrible social skills…and so on.  Whatever stupid reason I can come up with to be down on myself, I am good at coming up with it and dwelling on it.  I would assume Brantley has had a lot of struggles to overcome in her life.  The difference is I have the ability to change most of mine.  Next time I have a bad day or when I am feeling down on myself, I am going to try and think about Brantley.  Something else I take out of my own story is, this girl has impacted me and I havent met her.  We impact people all of the time by our actions, whether we realize it or not.  Be like Brantley.


Thanks for letting me lead!