• When: 2017-12-07
  • QIC: Betamax
  • The PAX: Ochocinco, Pole Position, Biggie Smalls, Columbo, Altar Boy, Prom Night (FNG), Betamax

Say My Name

YHC got called up from the bullpen by Church Fire on 2-day notice and pulled an oldie but goodie out of the the rolladex.  Columbo even had an FNG (who showed up 5 minutes late after stopping at Walmart to buy workout clothes, first…) for YHC to harass.  Good looking out, Columbo!

Here’s the hurt we did:

1 lap mosey around the parking lot and circle up.

15 IW IC
15 LBAC Forward IC
15 LBAC Backward IC
15 Overhead Clap IC
10 Merkins IC

Head to the baseball field for ‘Say My Name’ – 7 exercises down the field, each is a 15 count unless otherwise instructed.  Circle the bases and AMRAP:

B – Body Builders – a burpee with a merkin AND a plank-jack at the bottom – Grillz pointed out I should have chosen Big Boy Sit Ups…he was right…these sucked

E – Elevens – (1) Merkin then (10) Air Presses, counting down(or up) to (10) Merkins and (1) Air Press – there aren’t enough exercises that start with ‘E’

T – Tuck Jumps – you know what those are

A – Air Squared – Overhead Air Claps while in Air Chair

M – Monkey Humpers – how did these even become a thing, anyway?

A – Alternating Shoulder Taps – from plank, touch left shoulder with right hand then right shoulder with left hand

X – XYs – 4-count where 1&2 are Rosalitas and 3&4 are Flutters – these should become a more regular thing

Just enough time left for 2 minute wall sit on the fence.





Christmas parties for multiple groups are coming up.