• When: 2018-08-07
  • QIC: Hoist
  • The PAX: Poe, Goodman, Pennyworth, Popoff; Mcgruber, Lumbergh, Paper Jam, Brita, Bambi

Saving the best for last

My run through the west side AO’s continued today with the circuit beep test at Ambush.   This was the last in my run of AO’s to give this workout a try.  I like because it pushes you to keep going but you can also go at your own pace.  Great crew out there today.

Conditions: 75 degrees and 95% humidity.

The thang:

Disclaimer and mosey to the block pile.  Everyone grabs a block and goes to the back of the school and sets down the blocks by the corner of the breezeway and courtyard.

SSH IC x 15
Through the tunnel IC x 15

LBAC IC x 10 forwards and backwards


Circuit workout where you have an exercise with a certain amount of reps that need to be completed in a certain time period.  If you cannot complete the reps in the time period then you move on to the next exercise.

Exercise #1 – Block swings (25 reps in 45 seconds)

Exercise #2 – Merkins (25 reps in 45 seconds)

Exercise #3 – Prisoner jump squats (25 reps in 45 seconds)

Exercise #4 – Curls for the Girls (25 reps in 45 seconds)

Exercise #5 – Big Boy Situps (25 reps in 45 seconds)

If you complete exercise 5, then you rotate back to exercise 1 and start the rotation again.  Reduce the reps by 2 on the 2nd cycle.  Workout lasts for 36 minutes.

Grab your block and carry it with you back to the block pile.

Mosey back to the flag




BRR September 7- 8

Stomp the Swamp – August 25

Drisocket’s son broke his arm

McGruber’s daughter broke her collarbone

Paper Jam’s grandmother broke her coccyx

Thanks for all the Pax of Ambush for their effort.  It is always good to meet guys from other AO’s.  Great effort again by everyone.