• When: 2018-08-07
  • QIC: Polo (Dealer's Choice)
  • The PAX: Polo, Krusty, Prom, LeVar, Kitty, Kilt, Termite, Tater Tot

Dealer Hits on 8

8 pax showed up for a little Dealer’s choice at Swampfox.  Humidity was running hot and the pax didn’t let up on each other.  Great work, men.

Dealer- Polo

Krusty- Warm-up towards Citadel Park with one Pain Station.  25X SSH IC; 4 minute Circuit- 10 Merkins, 10 Toe Touches, and 10 Jump Squats

Prom- Base of Citadel Triangle.  Bear Crawl 30 yards and sprint to top of Triangle.  20 BBSU’s; Lunge Walk 30 yards, Back Pedal 30 yards, sprint to bottom of triangle; 20 BBSU’s; Frog Jump 20 yards, sprint bottom of triangle; 20 BBSU’s

Kitty- Inside Park; 3 rounds of 5 Pull-ups, 10 Merkins with hands on bench and 10 Merkins with feet on bench, and 20 squats.  Run Triangle with a backpedal 40 yards

Levar- Mary- 30 LBC’s, 30 Flutter Kicks (with 15 second coughing spill), 20 BBSU’s, 15 gibbling nibblers on both sides, 30 American Hammer’s. 20 Monkey Humpers (make sure no one is watching). 10 Wide Merkins, 10 Diamonds, and 15X IC Slow Merkins

Kilt- Indian Run back to COT with two stops for 20 BBSU’s and 10 Squats

Termite- 3 Speed Rounds of Calf Raises, Squats, Merkins, Mountain Climbers (Pax can’t breath at end)

COT led by Polo

BOM led by the Professional, Tater Tot