• When: 2018-08-07
  • QIC: Rudder
  • The PAX: Ikea (respect), Gepetto, Waterboy, Hoops, Qbeam, Valdez, Cheesesteak, Cottontail, Speedbump, Rooster, Daddy Warbucks, Heatpump, Pharm-a-teer (sp?)

Leg Day? Again?!?


YHC looked forward to some gloom-time Leg Shredding. However, after posting some Motto tweets about it last night, it become evident that Ramjack fart-sacked his backblast for his Saturday beatdown. YHC’s heart grew 3 sizes larger this morning and spared the pax. And spared their legs. MODIFIED!


Reminded pax that one can modify UP as well as DOWN (As Valdez painfully did).



Little Baby Arm Circles 15 each direction IC

Cherry Pickers 15 IC

Merkins 5 OYO

IW 15 IC

Nancy Kerrigans 15 IC (our balance is disgraceful)

Finkle Swings 10 each side IC (see comment above)

Hillbillies 15 IC

Merkins 5 OYO

Squats 15 IC

Toy soldiers 15 IC

TTT 15 IC (feel that stretch on #3!!!)

Merkins 5 OYO

The Thang

A short mosey to the blockpile for a block of you choosing. Gathered at the streetlight for BLOCK-DROP SUICIDES.

Cusack block to cone #1 and drop it. Mosey back to street light. Mosey to Cone #1 and reunite with block. Cusack it to Cone #2. Drop it and mosey back to street light. Mosey to your block at Cone #2 and cusack to Cone #3. Block drop and mosey back to Street light. Mosey back for block reunion at Cone #3 and cuscak the concrete baby to ……. Cone #4. Drop away and mosey back to the street light. Mosey to Cone #4 and find that little square stone you have come to hate, and take it back to the street light. Oh….cusack! All trips back to the street light finish with squats until the 6.

Mumblechatter was plentyful but not of the high quality that Sawmill normally produces so….. Rinse & Repeat. This time, Merkins until the 6.

With a bit of time to spare, we moseyed to car pickup area grabbed a bench. No not waiting for your ride…..10 Box jumps, 10 Plank-Jacks followed by mosey a lap and then squats until the 6. 5 Box Jumps, 5 Plank-Jacks and another lap and squats until the 6.

So many Helpy-Helpertons to remind YHC of the current time. Music to the Q’s ear! 6:00.  Put away our toys. Sorry Mary…maybe next beatdown!

Count-a-Rama and Name-A-Rama


Gepetto rests easy now, since we met the minimum for shirt order. One more day to deadline to purchase Sawmill issue. Tweet him @f3gepetto

Pharm-a-Teer’s M had successful eye surgery and now awaits healing. Often very difficult to do. Give that girl what ever she wants!!

Ball of Man

Observations from Rudder (respect)

I’m always humbled by the pax that posts in the gloom. Men posting before work. Men posting after a 12 hour midnight shift, men posting even while on vacation. Men having to rush home to STILL be there to wake children or just in time to hug them goodbye. All good excuses, yet no one present used them. You all inspire me, you inspire each other and you are inspiring a nation. AYE!