• When: 2019-04-18
  • QIC: Rumblestrip
  • The PAX: Pennyworth, Bublé, Banjo, Rumblestrip

Rumble’s Thursday Special

After almost three years of doing this, I can say with certainty that the running around and doing stupid stuff is not what gets us out of bed and assembled on an empty schoolyard at a ridiculous hour of a cold morning. If it were only a workout, I would have quit by now. It is not God’s intent for any of us to bear the burdens of life alone, and I believe that is largely where He is at work within the F3 Nation – to connect men who are determined to get better. This strengthens and prepares us to handle the difficulties of our own lives, and to assist others in doing so when the burden is too great. YHC put together this morning’s shenanigans with this notion in mind. 4 PAX assembled to partake. Here’s what we did.

Disclaimer, prayer Circle up out front. All exercises in cadence.
SSH X 15
IW X 15
LBAC X 15 F/R – keep em up
OHC X 15 – keep em up
Cherrypicker X 15
Copperhead X 15
Burpees X 3 per PAX = 12 OYO
-note:for any PAX needing to modify, the others were to complete their reps. 1 had to mod, so the other 3 did 16 burpees.

Mosey to the basketball court – alternate butt kick, high knee, backpedal. Line up on one side.
Lunge across – Copperhead X 15 IC
Backpedal back – burpee X 2 per pax = 8 – same rules as last time. Three PAX did 12.

Lunge toward blockpile, 20 per leg, then mosey, grab a block and circle up on the lower field. Blocks stay up unless the Q says otherwise. PAX stay together. If a man cannot carry his block, another carries it for him until he is able again. All exercises in cadence.

Curls X 10
Overhead X 10
Swing X 10
Squat X 10

Carry blocks to track – 4 corners, repeat previous sequence. Overhead carry on opposite sides of the track. Stay together, everything in cadence.

Line up at the Principal.

Flutters X 20 IC
Haul blocks to the first tier.
Iron cross X 20 IC

Out of time – too bad, there was so much more to do. Return blocks and jaibreak to the virtual flag.



Devo – Galatians 6:2-3