• When: 2020-01-21
  • QIC: MuggyTape
  • The PAX: TarPaper, Fieldgoal, Blacklight, Taurasi (R), Rosie, Kiffin, MuggyTape

Rolling the Dice

7 Pax defeated the fart sack this morning and posted to see what YHC had planned.  As mentioned in the preblast it was only cold at the beginning.  It warmed up quickly when 1 roll of the dice produced 80 block sumo squats.  After 13 rolls of the dice our luck proved to be a lot of shoulder presses and various squats.  Mumblechatter was good at the start but faded fast as work was done.

1 for RL

Weather: windy and 28


COP: light mosey around the parking lot, circle up: 15x SSH IC, 15xTTT IC, 15XIW IC, 10XLBAC F/B

The Thang:

There were 6 dice – 2 red, 2 green, 2 blue. Each color had a 6-sided die that would decide the exercise. Each color also had a 12/20/100-sided die that would decide the reps. We took turns rolling the dice and doing the exercises. After everyone rolled once we would run to the 3rd light pole and back (about 100 yds) . We managed to get around the PAX 1-1/2 times (we did maybe 12 rounds???). Some exercises were rolled multiple time while some were never rolled. The layout of the dice and exercises were…

Red Dice, potential reps of 1,2,3,…,12
• 1 – bear crawl out and back (we substituted balls to the wall since it was messy)
• 2 – block jump burpees
• 3 – block thrusters
• 4 – block decline merkins
• 5 – morning woods
• 6 – balls to the wall
• Green Dice, potential reps of 1,2,3,…,20
• 1 – block Curls for The Girls
• 2 – LBCs
• 3 – block over merkins
• 4 – BBSUs
• 5 – block squats
• 6 – block incline merkins
• Blue Dice, potential reps of 10, 20, 30,…,100
• 1 – block sumo squats
• 2 – flutter kicks
• 3 – calf raises
• 4 – block bent over rows
• 5 – block overhead presses
• 6 – toilet seat block squats

When time was called we loaded the blocks back into YHC’s truck.



Dam to Dam relay needs volunteers

Be on look out for P200 needs



Chapin community with the loss of a football coach and senior football player

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