• When: 2017-11-25
  • QIC: Hoboken
  • The PAX: Honeybun (Respect), Kazoo, Steamer, Golden State, Farmer, Brainiac, Harp, Buoy, Harp Lite, Emmy, Tinkle, Oscar, Hoboken

Rivalry Saturday

***Posted on behalf of Hoboken***

Quick Warm up: Mosey to the “Man Field” SSH, TTT, LBAC (Front/back).  Teams were divided on what would be the biggest game of the year (the biggest game of the year is the game we play today).

The teams were a little more evenly matched that in games past.  Meaning… we were equally awful at throwing to start.  Some might call that a “Defensive struggle” on paper, but in real life we just call it ugly.  Once we hit a rhythm throwing, we all forgot how to catch.

Some random things we learned:

  • Brainiac throws it hard…EVERY time, no matter how far you are from him.
  • Harp still remembers how to wrestle – only we were playing UF.
  • Steamer and Golden State are genetically similar in ability on offense.  Jury is still out on defensive skill, GS hasn’t tried that part of the field yet.
  • Hoboken does NOT have a 4 foot vertical leap.  (pretty sure I knew that already)
  • Buoy can catch and has a lot of time to get under the Frisbee.
  • Oscar has played this game before!

Prayers:  Brainiacs M and Mother, Blindside/Volley family, Upward Basketball Season.

Announcements – see previous back blast.  Summary : give money and buy shirts.