• When: 2017-11-25
  • QIC: Track Hoe
  • The PAX: Drisocket, Shine, Track Hoe

Cardboard Winkie and Dice app

3 brave men showed up in the cold to roll the dice


Moving disclaimer to warm up.

IMP Walkers – 15ic

Windmill – 15ic

SSH – 15ic


LBAC F/R – 10ic

OH Clap – 10ic

Dirty Bird – 10ic


Mosey to Brick’s grab 2 and report to the steps.

Card board Winkie and phone with dice app sat at the bottom of the steps. Map on Winkie showed 4 corners work inbetween then lastly roll the dice to determine the next workout.

R1 – Crab walk to other side of steps/ 10 calf raise to the top/ 10 TMerkins at top(plank position, raise right hand return to center, raise left hand return to center, then merkin) Bear Crawl to other side of the steps for 10 arm extension planks. Dice rolled by Drisocket showed up as a 6 so 20 Arnold press.

R2 – Lunge on bottom/10calf/10TMerkins/bear crawl/10arm extions planks Shine rolled a 4 for 10 squat press.

R3 – Backward Lunge/10calf/10TMerkins/bear crawl/10arm extension planks. I rolled a 2 for 20 tri-ext’s.

R4- side lunge/10calf/10TMerk’s/Bearcrawl/10amr ext panks. Drisocket rolled a 3 for the famous Burpeex10.

R5 – Other side lunge/10calf/10Tmerk’s/bearcrawl/10 arm ext planks. Shine rolled another 6 for Arnold press x20.

Hello Dolly IC 20

Flutter kick IC 20

1 last round – Lunge/10calf/10Tmerk’s/BearCrawl/10ArmExt Planks. Then I took over and called out 5 side raise OYO then hold OMC. 5 Front raise OYO then hold OMC. 15 tri-ext’s OYO. Then to top it off hold bricks out and change positions OMC.

-12/15 F3/FiA Christmas Party
-1/27 GrowRuck Weekend