• When: 01/28/15
  • QIC: Pepto
  • The PAX: Peachy, No Help, Hoser, Buttermaker, Voltron, Flip Flop, Malfunction Junction, Clinch, Ranger, Turnbuckle, Freon, Yellow Cake, Candy Stripe, FNG (Marshmallow), Pepto

Quit Your Whining

Another day in the gloom with the striders is always in order. Some would question why YHC keeps calling them out, but the stride numbers dwindled with the GoRuck. Accountability is one of our goals in F3, so I’m calling you out, even if you could do more merkins in one session than I could in a week. Somehow a radioactive member of our crew called YHC on his complaints of being a little sore, but Stride XL guys had already knocked out some mileage. Not to mention that it was cold.

Welcome back to several old faces, and welcome to some new faces. We even had a rucker today!

Conditions: 31F, gloomy

Opening Prayer

The Thang:

YHC wanted to keep it fairly simple today, especially with a rucker, an out & back worked well. But, not just any out & back would do. YHC has a fascination with Mount Regal (aka North Lake Drive). Head out of the court house and head down North Lake Drive. Go as far as you can for 20 minutes and turn around and return. The built in 5 minute return cushion was intentional to take into account the uphill on the return. YHC was joking about making it to Wingards, but a couple of Pax took it as a challenge and made it there in back. Strong work to those guys.


Tripp Miller, FNG. Works as manager of Harbison State Park, and is a forester. Married with 1 little girl. Goes to church with YHC. (We’ve been EH’ing the mess out of him). Forester–>, Woods–>, Campfires–> welcome Marshmallow!

Prayer Requests:
Audra Ebo, little girl with cancer, undergoing chemo.
Sebastian, little boy with cancer, undergoing chemo.

2/7- GoRun and convergence at snakepit
Goruck light coming up in May
Make My Day & Race Against Hunger

Malfunction Junction has Friday Q at Stride

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