• When: 2018-07-26
  • QIC: Rook and not Tardy
  • The PAX: Overexposed, Ali, Banjo, Rumblestrip, Tardy (Wannabe Q), Rook (QIC)


There was much confusion, despair, and calamity leading up to this morning’s post. If YHC recalls correctly, his name was on the Q sheet and not Tardy’s. But whatever. There was some discussion about who the true Q was. Then there may have been some confusion about whether we were running Expulsion and if we even needed a Q. Ultimately, the situation led to two different Pax calling out the 1 minute warning, both claiming to not be professionals, and both yelling out different exercises for the warm up. Ultimately, the matter was settled with a dance off. In my mind, anyways.

Weather: 70 degrees, foggy, 1000% humidity

Disclaimer x2

LBC’s  SSHs x10? x15?
TTT Merkins x? some kind of count? 1 count? 5 count?
Imperial Walkers x15
LBAC x10 F/R

It was at this point Tardy gazed into my eyes and recognized my alpha male dominance and yielded the Q to me.

The Thang (Part 1)
Mosey to the backyard. AMRAP laps around the track. Four stations
Station 1 – 20 LBC’s
Station 2 – 20 Air Squats
Station 3 – 20 Merkins
Station 4 – Run up the Principal and do one burpee, +1 burpee for each lap.

After a few of these, Tardy led a mutiny and took over the Q. We did something else. It was stupid and everyone hated it because it was dumb. I’m not even going to write about it. The rest of the workout the pax were trying to figure out whether to follow my instructions to mosey and recover, or Tardy’s instructions to do more burpees.

Copy & Paste announcements. Lots of events in August
One of note is the Mobile, AL F3 launch which will be on August 18. There’s a clown car headed to Mobile at on the 17th. Some pax are heading up the night before.

Traveling mercies for Rumblestrip
Tardy’s wife
Pew’s launch in Mobile as well as his church
Plotter’s (?) surgery. I couldn’t tell, the audio was muffled. Tardy was probably talking.
Dear Diary’s cancer is gone. Praise.