• When: 2017-08-24
  • QIC: Paper Jam
  • The PAX: Brita, T-Boone, Liability (respect), Bullpen, Juice, Pennyworth, Argyle, Squatter, Pig Pen, Tutu, Bambi, Meter, Paper Jam

PJs 1yr Lolipop Party

13 PAX posted for YHC’s 1 year celebration! Mumblechatter was taken to a new level with Argyle. I do believe he CAN out Mumblechatter the Ambush Master! I’m proud of you Argyle!!! Come get your participation tophy.
Conditions:  75º and clear
Disclaimer and Prayer
Mosey to front of school for some COP.
SSH x 50 IC (thanks Tutu)
TTT x 15 IC
Imperial Walker x 20 IC
Windmill x 15 IC
dips on the bench, 20 rest 15 rest 10 rest 5 OMC
On the main school road loop (the lolipop) do an exercise at each bush. Add 1 rep at each bush. 10 bushes on each loop. Change to next exercise each loop and start with 1 rep.
1st loop – burpees
2nd loop – BBSU
3th loop – monkey jumpers
ALL STARS ONLY 4th loop – merkins
grab 2 bricks
Curls for the girls IC X  20 rest 15 rest 10 rest 5
Side Raises IC X 20 rest 15 rest 10 rest 5
Overhead raises IC X  20 rest 15 rest 10 rest 5
America Hammer x 20 IC
Flutter Kicks x 20 IC
Gas Pumps x 20 IC
I want to thank everyone who I’ve workout with over the passed year. Thank you Bambi for inviting me for over a month before I finally came. Thank you Peachy for starting Ambush and thank you Juice for keeping it going. The fellowship with other Chirst followers is what keeps me coming back ….not the exercising 🙂 A year ago I was short of breath from just putting my shoes on. Now I am running 20+ miles a week plus 3 workouts and planning to run the BRR. I couldn’t have done it without my F3 brothers pushing me each day! THANK YOU!!!!
8/26: Stomp the Swamp at RBHS; double down opportunity after convergence at Graveyard
11/11: Cheech 10K Memorial
12/15: Christmas Party
Prayer Requests:
– Argyle’s friend as he recovers from having 3 ribs removed
– The Sox family after the lost of their 2 yr old