• When: 3/24/15
  • QIC: Mac
  • The PAX: Inuit, Columbo, Tuff Guy, Alterboy, Ramblin' Wreck and Mac

P200 Recovery Beatdown

6 Pax dragged their beaten lower appendages out of the fartsack this morning for a YHC post P200 recovery beatdown. (As opposed to those who stayed in the fartsack beating on one) The Herd of Jumanji happens to be the epicenter of @F3LEXSC Palmetto 200 runners. They boast a 60% participation rate in the P200 out of regular posters not to mention half of those are multi-year veterans. Although Tuff Guy begged for wind sprints first thing, YHC was kind enough to keep the running to a minimum to promote a healthy recovery.


Weather: 46 and wet


The Thang:

Mosey around lot

High knees / butt kicks

COP – All IC

Side straddle hop x 20

Thru the tunnel x 20

Imperial walker x 30

Windmill x 20

Lil baby  arm circles x 10 each way

Merkins x 20

Copperhead Squats x 20

Turkish get ups x 10 each side (a gift for Columbo)


mosey to  corner by school

Rings of fire

Plank w/Merkins x 15/10/5

Air chair w/Squats x 15/10/5

Excellent second F opportunity here #P200WarStories #ImGonnaDotYourEye


Mosey to soccer fields

11’s across field


What’s a V-up? Its when you lie on the ground…..<SPLASH>…Ok let’s change that second exercise to Squats. The field was very wet so YHC cancelled the rinse and repeats planned and audibled to drier ground.


Mosey back to lot

Plank-o-rama – maintain plank position w/ following exercises, no rest between

Hydraulics x 20 IC

Peter Parker x 20 IC

Shoulder taps x 20 IC

Parker Peter x 20 IC



Russian Twist x 20

LBCs x 20

Flutter kicks x 20 plus 5 more slo-mo no rest into

6″  on Q x 3



BOM – led by Alterboy



  • The Herd is a tight group of dedicated guys who work hard. I appreciate you men allowing me to lead you.
  • Note to self: Do not go to the soccer fields after it rains unless swimming laps is on your weinkie.
  • YHC would like to add that in addition to minimal running there were ZERO burpees performed during this Q. #ToldYouItWouldBeEasy
  • T-claps to Alterboy for leading the prayer in the BOM
  • T-Claps to Tuff Guy, Alterboy and Ramblin Wreck for competing in the P200 this weekend. Good Work!



  • Mudrun April 11th
  • P200 was last week


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