• When: 2019-04-25
  • QIC: Nub
  • The PAX: Happy Trees, Rabbi, Babe, Mermaid, Matlock-R, Shankopotomus-R, Swayze, Nub

Nub’s traveling Q…running was involved #shocker

Wilson reached out and needed a replacement due to field trip duties, YHC was ready and eager to help out the only problem was what to do.  With no real plan, YHC decided to do what he loves best…RUN!  I don’t think the gravity of what happened this morning played out in the pax’s brain until later when they finally realized that Nub, yes Nub had a running Q #shocker.  I just wanted to try and get 2 miles in with some meager exercises in along the way.  Mermaids Strava said we hit our goal so I consider this morning a win!

2 min warning


The Thang:

YHC dipped into his truck and grabbed his headlamp and handed out a couple flashlights to the rest as this morning we’d take a journey to some territory that has yet to be seen in the pre-dawn gloom

Mosey through parking lot and down to baseball field (speaking of the win from earlier, I’ll take a WIN tonight in the playoffs please). Circle up.  SSH x 10 IC, TTT x 10 IC.  Then Swayze farted so it was time to vacate that area as we needed to move so the hazmat team could come clean that area up for the game tonight.  Mosey around the back of the outfield fence stopping on the way to get in 20 Dips on the bleachers on the way.  From there the deep dark Smokehouse spooky trail was hit connecting the baseball field to the softball field (no ankles were harmed on the trail thankfully). Once at the softball field (also requesting a WIN tonight please) we circled up again. LBAC forwards and reverse x 10 IC arms up, 10 Dirty Birds IC, keep arms up, 10 OHC’s IC. Then rinse and repeat keeping arms up the whole time.  Mosey now to the bottom of Hash Hill where we run up stopping at each speed bump to complete 20 Wino calf raises then when at the top 20 LBC’s before heading back down, more calf raises at speed bumps then more LBC’s at the bottom then back up, 20 Incline Merkins on the way back up at the bumps.  Now when at the top we recover walked to the first lit light pole and from there completed 10 Bobby Hurley‘s then sprint (upon Mermaids request) to the next lit pole, keeping that trend until we made it past the bus parking lot and to the main entrance.  Since I love our bus drivers and love to show them what we F3’ers are all about we recover walked to the middle of the pecan trees (no they are not public trees so if you take the pecans from here you are a PECAN THIEF #nubspetpeeve!!!)  where the bus lights were a shining bright and gave them a little dose of Monkey Humpers IC (thought i heard a catcall off in the distance).  We then ran down around to the Fine Art Center where we stopped for Gas Pumpers IC and then the final run back to the flag.  Did i mention I hate running???  But i do love the gloom with the guys though!!!



  • 4/27- 5k this weekend for LLS, no entry, donations encouraged, see Moist
  • 5/6 @ 6:30 PM – Lexington Town Council Safety Meeting
  • week of 5/13 – Safety Awareness run/walk/ruck event

Prayers– Continued prayers for Sara Kate, Doodle and family in her current hospital stay


Devo: From Isaiah 40: 27-31 and Matthew 11:28 Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

I would bet we are all weary and burdened in some aspect of life but catch that #secondwind strength and know that even in those weary and burdened times, trust in the Lord and he’ll grant you rest