• When: 03/03/15
  • QIC: Chinstrap
  • The PAX: Donatello, Misty, Snake, Pajanimal, Flip Flop, Julep, Tri Delta, Ginger, Shrubs (FNG- Paul Kennington), Focker, Honey Bun, Harp, Spirit Fingers


Just like what seems to be a recurring theme, YHC went to bed last night not knowing exactly what would appear on his Weinke between then and COP. Having an AO with the opportunities like SnakePit, YHC slept peacefully knowing that he’d provide the PAX with a beatdown to remember. Mainly just because he knew that there’d be a “crowd favorite” presented that would be worthy of pain. It wasn’t until his “ruck” to the AO that YHC figured out a perfect way to present this pleasurable pain. YHC likes to get the PAX involved so it was decided that the last PAX to arrive would get the privilege of deciding when YHC opted for his “crowd favorite” exercise. Brother Harp happened to be the lucky late arriver this morning. YHC instructed Harp that at ANY TIME between then and 6:10 he could yell out “NOW” and the PAX would stop whatever they were doing and receive additional instruction.


Indian run around parking lot making way to stadium steps

Circle up for COP
-SSH x20ic
-IW x20ic
-TTT x20ic
-WM x20ic (last 5 were “Ginger Speed” in his honor)
LBAC x20ic (10 forward/10 backward)
BBAC x20ic (10 forward/10 backward)

Partner up with like size PAX and line up on end line.
Pax alternate slow moseying to the 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 40, 30, 20, 10, goal line and sprinting back. Once the first partner reaches the 50 yrd line, PAX plank waiting on partner to return.

Partner up
-1st PAX does 30 BBSU’s while 2nd PAX does Amrap Mt. Climbers while holding partners feet.

It was at this point that Harp decided to call out “NOW”. Perfect timing in YHC’s book but pretty sure the PAX disagreed after finishing the “special exercise”.
-Flutter Kicks x92ic (definitely the crowd pleaser)

-1st PAX does 20 BBSU’s while 2nd PAX does Amrap Iron Crosses while holding partners feet/knees.

Mosey to stadium bleachers
-Ascend the seats one at a time always leading with the same foot. Basically performing “Step Ups” each seat.
-Perform 40 dips on benches at top of bleachers
-Rinse and Repeat except switching leading foot.

Gather in end zone when complete waiting on the 6.

Mosey to backside of locker room
-Peoples Chair 2 x1:00 (Missing Wedgie at this point because we didn’t have any story tellers present)

Mosey to base of BBS’s for a very modified verson of Stairs of Fire. In honor of Spirit Fingers return to the gloom, YHC felt it was a good time to introduce a lot of the PAX to Asian Merkins.
-PAX ascended and descended the BBS’s while Spirit Fingers Amraped Asain Merkins.
-Flap Jack

Mosey back up BBS’s and back to the front of the gym

COT: Chinstrap

-Lexington 1 year Convergence next Saturday at Graveyard 7am.
-Mudrun April 11th. Registration extended
-Goruck Heavy March 13th
-Goruck Light May 1st
-Weekly 3rdF option Weds 5:30 across from SnakePit

BOM: Chinstrap

MOLESKIN: Great work by the PAX today and YHC was grateful for the visit from Pajanimal and Ginger. YHC looks forward to your return in the VERY near future and visits from others.

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