• When: 01/13/15
  • QIC: No Show
  • The PAX: No Show, Ranger, Lt Dan, Potluck, Good Hands, Bandcamp, Fast Casual, Spackle, Hopper, Treadmill, Bragger, Shake N Bake, Itchy, The Situation, FDIC, Permit, Blindside, Flo, Digger, The Closer, Lobo, Post Op (FNG), Forrest, Clipboard, Pavarotti, Penny Pincher, Netflix, Weekend Special, Utah

No Show’s Buff and Huff at The Swamp


Conditions: 46 Degrees w/light fog/misty

The Thang:


20 Burpees OYO (Slaughter Starter-(see Exercise Lexicon)

Mosey to FB field…run around the field, out the gate, up the steps and over to the concession area.


14 Mountain Climbers IC
14 Imperial Squat Walker IC
14 Plank Mogul Hops IC
Mosey to the Bleacher nearest the concession stand:

  • The pax each Racoon Crawl three sections (40 yds) of bleachers to the section with seat backs
  • At seat back section, each pax 40 dips on seat backs, 20 merkins between rows on seat backs with right hand high, 20 merkins between rows with left hand high
  • The pax lie on chest on the bleachers and pull themselves (crowd pleaser) all three sections (40 yds) of bleachers.

Mosey back to the concession stand and plank til 6

Mosey down to the area concrete area by the batting cages for some Tabata (20 sec exercise/10 sec rest) sets (4 min each).  Each set had two (2) exercises that were alternated during the set:

Set 1- Burpees/Jump Lunges

Run to Shovel Flag and do 30 merkins and run back to Tabata area
Set 2- Left Plank Oblique Crunch/Right Plank Oblique Crunch
Set 3- Glute Bridge Thrusters/High Knees
Set 4- Firefeet (running in place on balls of feet in a wide stance/Superman with Twist

Mosey back to Shovel Flag



Great group of men this morning got wet and dirty, all in the name of getting better with epic Mumblechowda (missing Taurasi but Lobo has your back).  The crowd pleaser that resulted in the cleaning and buffing of half the bleacher seats with body weight and compression shirts and the like (did anyone find Blindside’s nipple on the 6th row?) demands a name.  The Shamwow, Gator Slide, and Gator Slide Shammy were all mentioned.  The pax will have to decide.  I like the Gator Slide, but may have to experience it again to get confirmation.  Free Tabata timers are well….worth every bit you pay.  Suspect timing for rest and exercise durations and the Glute Bridge Thrusters led to endless mumblechowda that included declarations of amorous brevity amongst the pax not to exceed said duration in The Thang of exercise or rest. Kotters to The Situation.  Great to see you in the Gloom.

-F3 Lexington is leading F3 Summerville 1/17 bootcamp. Meet at RBHS at 5am if you’re interested. Blindside’s shortbus is carrier of choice.
-Go Run is 2/7 at WKHS. Probable convergence at Snakepit. www.thegorun.org Still time to sign up.
-Lexington Race Against Hunger is 2/28 at saxe Gotha Presbyterian Church. www.lrah.org
-GORUCK Custom Light is May 1. Preblast here: http://f3nation.com/2015/01/07/preblast-goruck-custom-light/

-Sign up for Mudrun on April 11 through F3 site(more info to follow).  Start assembling your team for the F3 Superbowl.
Prayer Requests:

-Say What’s sister with a cancer diagnosis

– Saxe Gotha Praise Band Drummers wife, on bedrest in hospital

– Lt. Dan surgery this week.

-No Show co-worker/supervisor (Lynn Epps), beginning radiation/chemo this week for throat cancer


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