• When: 2019-11-12
  • QIC: Katniss (R)
  • The PAX: Emmy, Ebert, Brainiac, Track Hoe,Deadstick (Rx2),Katniss (R)

No reason for the reps?

Conditions cool and dry


Pledge of Allegiance and prayer/ COT

Late call to change QICs. Brainiac graciously gave up his Q to accommodate YHCs change of plans not to Q Thursday. Thanks Brainiac.  Form counts so YHC decided on lower rep count. So there actually was a reason but YHC left the pax wondering what this was all about.

The thang,

Warm up
25 SSH 4ct IC
10 TTT 4ct IC
10 windmill 4ct IC
10 imp walkers 4ct IC
10 squats slow tempo 4ct IC

Grab a block and begin…

1 man maker
10 4ct SSH
10 2ct bonnie blairs
10 4ct monkey humpers
5 burpees

One minute air chair

2 man makers
10 4ct LBCs
10 BBSUs
10 4ct flutter kicks
5 burpees

One minute air chair
1 minute plank

3 man makers
10 4ct swimmers
10 4ct chilly Jacks
10 4ct mtn climbers
5 burpees

One minute air chair
1 minute plank
1 minute reverse plank

Now is about when the pax start wondering “what are the blocks for?”

4 man makers
10 negative 4ct tempo curls4girls w block
10 negative tempo OH press with block
10 negative tempo triceps with block
5 burpees

One minute air chair
1 minute plank
1 minute reverse plank
1 minute overhead hold with block

Repeat above segments together now with lower reps and blocks added when able.

5 man makers with block
5 SSH 4ct
5 bonnie Blairs 2ct
5 4ct monkey humpers
5 4ct LBCs block OH
5 BBSUs block on chest
5 4ct flutter kicks block OH
5 swimmers on block 4ct
5 chilly Jacks on block 4ct
5 mtn climbers 4ct on block
5 4ct tempo curls 4 girls with block
5 4ct tempo OH press with block
5 4ct tempo triceps with block
5 block burpees

1 Extended parking lot lap then return to shovel flag.

Thanks Brainiac for putting blocks up !


Cheech run/race this weekend

Adopt a highway this Saturday Snakepit

Hairy Bison 23rd


Katniss’s mom double heart caths this morning

Emmy shoulder, praise Ms educational progress.  And lets not forget prayers for the right…

Pray for Bray praise rings the bell Thursday at oncology

Juices family, loss of his Grandfather.

Spoken and unspoken,  i know i forgot



I post this devo because lately I feel like this guy.”…a casual Christian man who fails to take up the fight, a man who capitulates on God’s dream for him.” Read the devo…

With brotherly love,


October 21, 2019