• When: 2018-05-25
  • QIC: Pickle
  • The PAX: Pepto, Ryan's, Ken Doll, Kukoc

No more, I mean it…Anybody want a peanut

Well, maybe not a peanut but who is up for a run led by Pickle?  5 pax from F3Lex posted at Stride on a humid day, as others opted to ruck or run the hardwood to get some “easy” miles.

Conditions: 70 and Humid, extremely

Count off/Prayer

Route –

N on Hwy 6

E on Main

R on Cedarcrest

R on Freedom

R on Railroad

R on Hwy 6

L on Gibson

R on George

R on Hendrix

L on Church

R on Maiden, return to VSF


  • Jail Break 5K 5/26, BRR teams forming
  • PJ’s June 2nd Half(SnakePit to Stampede)
  • F3/FiA 2.0 Workout 6/16 at 0700 at LHS track
  • Memorial Day MURPH around Lexington AO’s:
  • Viper/Bounty both at 0500, Smokehouse – 0600, Cryptonite – 0700
  • Stampede will run a Memorial Day run to Memorial Park 0630-wear blue
  • Sweet Baby O 5K – 8/4

    Prayer Requests
  • JJ dealing with a herniated disk
  • Kukoc’s counsin’s 2.0 suffering with an enlarged kidney(UPJ)
  • The Fort’s pax and the family of Badger
  • All unspoken