• When: 07/29/2017
  • QIC: Columbo
  • The PAX: Double Fault, Choo Choo

Nicaragua Post Blast and Return Q

I last posted on 07/25 the day before embarking on 6th trip to Nicaragua.  Since then I have not done a WO as the terrain and surrounding areas are not adequate for a run or a WO.

In a nut shell the team consisted of myself my daughter and my pastor.  Lives were touched, we prayed for the sick,  evangelized the lost, encouraged fellow Christians and followed up with previous visits I had done in 2015 trip.

Each trip I make I gain new friends, I learn more about these wonderful people and I get closer to my Nicaraguan family on Ometepe Island.  An air compressor was purchased for a motorcycle mechanic as an investment into his business.

Additionally I met with members of the Nicaraguan National Police in Altagracia, Moyogalpa on the island and in Rivas on the mainland.  I delivered police whistles a common yet vital piece of police equipment.  Why whistles?   Cause it takes about a day’s pay, 3 to 5 dollars, for an officer to buy one and they are difficult to find.

Although it was sad to leave I was glad to get home and back into the swing of things.  I missed my family and I missed being in the gloom with my F3 brothers.  I encourage my readers and followers that if you have an opportunity to visit a 3 world country you should.  If you feel a calling to go to Nicaragua I can help and will be happy to assist you with planning and making contacts with people for transportation, lodging, and translating.

Today’s work out was cloudy and very humid and it went something like this.

After disclaimer and opening prayer the PAX moseyed to the concession stand for SSH, Imp Walkers, Tea Party Toe Touches,  LBS.  Mosey to Lego land pick 1 block and 2 bricks take them to parking lot.   Utilizing the width of the parking lot put a block on one end and the bricks on the other.   Do stated exercise and alternate between lunges, bear crawls,  Imp walkers, and walk across the parking lot and do exercise on other side.  For example: curls for girls with block lunge to other end curls for girls with bricks and lunge back.  This was done using squats, bent over rows, merkins, tricep extension, chest press, LBCs, etc. Rinse and repeat.  Mosey to shovel flag for a few rounds of merry.  Mosey around parking lot and recover.

Announcements: various runs being held in the region over the next few weeks and months.