• When: 2019-12-20
  • QIC: Puck
  • The PAX: Hollywood, Urkel, Puck

New man in charge at Rooster

YHC took the first Q spot under the rule of the new Rooster AOQ. It was time to change up the normal our and back routine that we have been doing lately.

The Pax that wanted to see the new AOQ plant the flag for the first time assembled at 5AM.

The Thang:

5 minute warm up which included: karaoke, butt kicks, high knee skips.

High cadence drills: run with high cadence for 30 seconds and then recover for 30secs X 4

Acceleration/Glider Drills: With 30 seconds on the clock, start walking then gradually increase speed to full speed and then just coast back to walking again X 4

Hill Repeats: Get in position near the bottom of the hill on Long Terrace. Run for 15 seconds hard up the hill then recover for 1 minute, then run 15 seconds down the hill. Get back in position and do it again X 6

5 minute cool down and then back to the flag

Prayer and then back home for coffee.