• When: 2019-12-20
  • QIC: Booster
  • The PAX: Double Fault, Cheddar, Sweetart, Black Lung, Chop Block, Pepto, Steel Toe, Olive Oil, Casio, Booster

Clash 3 years later….

10 PAX posted today for the 3 year anniversary of good ole Clash. YHC was hoping to locate the first official Clash backblast to see a list of the originals, but it is nowhere to be found. What I can say though, is a lot of PAX have come and gone in the 3 years of Clash, but there are some faithful, who if I had to guess, posted on Day 1 of Clash three years ago and then posted again today in the 26 degrees frosty grounds of Riverland Hills for some Ultimate Frodgeball. Those of you who are reading this know if you were one of the originals, because I don’t. Those of you who aren’t reading this, definitely weren’t there for the launch. Backblasts for Clash are few and far between, so only the diehard Clashians consistently keep up with the inconsistency of the backblasts. But, like I said last year, and then it didn’t happen, Clash needs to make backblasts a priority again.

Conditions- 26 and frosty

The Thang: Ultimate Frodgeball

If you haven’t been out here for the two games of Ultimate Frodgeball we have played, you are missing out. Can’t knock it until you try it right? Can’t try it until you actually show up right? See you next time.

Top 5 plays

  1. Sweetart made a phenomenal endzone grab midway through the game to make the score ?-?. Nobody knows what the score was because Pinot wasn’t there. But back to the catch… it was the play of the game… think Odell Beckham Jr., Jackie Bradley Jr, Ken Griffey Jr. Dale Earnhardt Jr., Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., Donald Trump Jr., and any other junior, mix them together and what you get is a ridiculous diving catch for a touchdown in the endzone. Now go google Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.
  2. Cheddar almost pegged a guy with the dodgeball.
  3. With the frosty conditions and cold weather…hands were numb and muscles in the extremities were slow to fire . Poor throws and poor catches were aplenty. But shout out to my man Chop Block… Don’t think he missed the frisbee once. He woulda made his dad proud if he wasn’t talking smack to him the whole game and probably the ride home.
  4. Double Fault and Cheddar being on separate teams is the best thing we could do at Clash. Half Jerry Springer, Half Comedy Central, Half bickering like sibilings, half bickering like spouses, half flirting. Even though that makes 250% it isn’t uncommon for the play to be completely over and one of them peg the other one for the fun of it. Cheddar usually gets angry and Double Fault does a sly smile underneath the balaclava.
  5. Double Fault decided to do the counting today to establish teams to “make sure Booster and Casio weren’t on the same team”. He did the 1-1,2-2,1-1,2-2, etc… then teams were DF, Casio, Booster, Steel Toe, and Chop Block. Hmmmmmmmmmm….

In all truthfulness, Clash has brought out a number of PAX who only experience F3 through Clash. Hopefully they can appreciate what working out with this group of men has to offer, even if only once a week. Been a pleasure to be a part of the last 3 years and hope to continue the fun and exercise for years to come. Special Tclaps to Pepto and Olive Oil for continuing to move the needle in the right direction for the Clash AO. If you haven’t been out to Clash in a while come on out. Would love to see some of the originals.



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