• When: 2020-02-17
  • QIC: Cheers
  • The PAX: Dominion, Hoist, Hemingway, Cheers

Need for Speed at The Bounty

Great fun as always at the Bounty! These men are always impressive. Hemingway is a beast and Dominion and Hoist just run for the fun of it after the Dam to Dam this weekend. Amazing work, men!

Here’s how it went today.

Conditions: Cloudy, mid 40’s



All on the track at start line:

1 lap warmup

2 minute stretch

On track:
2 Mile ladder
* 100m half speed sprint and 100m mosey 30s rest
* 200m half speed, 200m mosey 30s rest
* 300m half speed and 300m mosey 1m rest
* 400m half speed and 400m mosey 1m rest
* 600m 5k speed and 600m mosey 1m rest

Mosey to flag and line up toward gym:

-Back pedal to far set of steps
-At steps hit each set of stairs going up and down, don’t miss any steps
-Mosey toward the covered breezeway and sprint breezeway
-Mosey back to starting point

Rinse and repeat x 2

Total distance: 3.5 miles

* 2/29: 6 year anniversary convergence at Graveyard
* 3/23-24: P200
* 4/6-4/17: The Gauntlet

* Ponzi
* Raft’s M
* Faye Swetlik family and friends
* Marriages

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