• When: 2018-08-30
  • QIC: Ken Doll
  • The PAX: Wee Wee, Escobar, Abner, Big Al, Netzero, Drysedale, Dominion, Butt Dial, Saget, Refurb, 2 Star, Pole Dance, Saucy, MacGruber, Rain Man, Ken Doll

Mystery Q Revealed

The Surge Mystery Q was revealed this AM when the 1 minute warning was announced. YHC gladly accepted the open slot after Wee Wee asked very nicely yesterday at baseball practice. It was another great morning in the Surge gloom.

Here’s the damage:

Conditions: 74 degrees, only 92% humidity

The Thang:


Warm up mosey around the parking lot


TTT x 10 IC
IW x 10 IC
Hillbillies x 10 IC
Merkins x 10 IC
Flutter kicks x 10 IC

Mosey to block pile and grab one

Put block down for later use

Line up on baseline of basketball court
Bear crawl to middle goal – Lunge to far goal – Sprint back
Rinse and repeat for 7 minutes


Merkins x 10 on Qs call
Hold plank
Mt Climbers x 10 IC
Hold plank
Plank Jacks x 10 IC
Hold plank
Low plank x 1 minute

4 Corners Ladder #1
Step 1
Hand Release Merkins x 5 at each corner
Step 2
Hand Release Merkins x 5 – BBSU x 5 at each corner
Step 3
Hand Release Merkins x 5 – BBSU x 5 – Squats x 5 at each corner

4 Corners Ladder #2 (all with blocks)
Block Swings x 10 at each corner
Curls x 15 at each corner – Cusack from corner to corner
Presses x 10 at each corner

Return block

Plank for 1 minute then back to the flag


Devo: Ephesians 6:11 “Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand firm against all strategies of the devil.”

Prayer Requests:
-Turner family
-Wee Wee’s M’s grandmother passed away yesterday
-Wee Wee’s brother serving overseas
-Fry Daddy’s 2.0 Corbett had brain surgery yesterday

-Second straight unfulfilled HC for Lt Dan. Somebody go pick that man up
-Netzero has never watched the 80s classic Say Anything. Somebody take that man to a Blockbuster.
-Netzero probably doesn’t know what Blockbuster is
-While we’re not about finishing first, Buttdial continues to impress YHC

-BRR team needs a replacement runner
-We need mentors. Hit YHC up details
-9/7 Blue Ridge Relay
-9/22 Smokehouse Remember 9/11 Event
-11/10 The Cheech. Register here: https://lexingtonhalf.com/pages/race-10k.php
-12/14 F3/FiA Christmas Party