• When: 2018-08-30
  • QIC: Sparky
  • The PAX: Howler, Stirrups (R), Carpool, Cheddar (FNG), Beetlejuice (FNG), Anthrax, Flux, Holy Water, Grylls, Light Bill, Forrest, See Saw, Sparky

Icosahedron of misfortune

13 pax including two FNGs ventured out into the sultry fall morning.





25x SSH

15x Monkey Humpers

25x LBC

10x Through The Tunnel

15x Little Arm Circles (front)

15x + 1 because they insist on counting down Little Arm Circles (reverse)

20x Imperial Walkers

20X Merkins


The Thang:

Mosey to Eagles Nest.  Split into three groups.

10x Flying Dutchmen each Pax

Run to retaining wall

10x Donkey Kicks

Run to shelter

15x Dips

Run to retaining wall

10x Donkey Kicks

Run to shelter

15x Incline merkins

R&R but reduce shelter exercise reps by 5.


Mosey to baseball field.

Start at home, bear crawl to 1st base

15x LBC at 1st base

Crab crawl to 2nd base

15x merkins at 2nd base

Bear crawl to 3rd base

15x monkey humpers at 3rd base

Crab crawl to home

15x BTW merkins on fence


Partner up.  Wheelbarrow to 1st base, 5 iron crosses each

Flip flop partners, wheelbarrow to 2nd base, 10 iron crosses each

Flip flop, wheelbarrow to 3rd base, 15 iron crosses each

Flip flop, wheelbarrow to home, 20 iron crosses each


Mosey to shovelflag…bring out the icosahedron of misfortune (in layman’s terms this is a large 20 sided dice with an exercise and quantity on each flat side)

Roll it and do stuff about 4 or 5 times…some burpees, some crusty crabs, some 1 minute planks until 6am.


Naming of FNGs:

Cheddar and Beetlejuice



  1.  NFL pool – contact Anthrax



  1.  The Turner family


Devotional – Phillipians 2:4

May 29, 2018 – Getting After It