• When: 2019-07-30
  • QIC: Brainiac
  • The PAX: Sidecar (R), Drisocket, CDV, Navy bean (R), Katniss (R), Brainiac

My shoulders already hurt

YHC signed up several weeks back toQ at C.A.T. with the hopes of being MUCH further along into the recovery process. Unfortunately, YHC is barely able to participate in many of the exercises due to RA slowing the healing process while causing a great deal of pain. YHC is praying that the recently started IV infusions will finally help get this disease under control so YHC can “enjoy” the beatdowns once again. YHC arrived a few minutes early to scope out the area. Its been awhile since YHC has been there and YHV totally forgot about the baseball field!!! DriSoket helped clear up the confusion on where the block pile was as we waited for the PAX to roll in. YHC is very thankful to the men of C.A.T. for allowing him to lead. 2nd F has really helped YHC mentally during this process.

Conditions: 67 and humid


Disclaimer still not a professional. Modify as needed.


Abe Vigoda X 10 IC

Hand release Merkin X 10 OYO

Windmill X 10 IC

Hand release Merkin X 10 OYO


Hand release Merkin X 10 OYO



Cherry Pickers X 10 IC (Shoulders were already staring to burn….not a good sign of what’s ahead)

Thumb raises X 10 IC

Moroccan Night clubs X 10 IC

Michael Phelps X 10 IC

Mosey on over and pick out your favorite block!

The Thang- 21s

Line up and do 1 curl, then Cusak until you reach the 25. Then perform 20 thrusters. Cusak back to goal line with block OH and do 2 curls. Cusak back to the 25 and do 19 Thrusters. Repeat until you finish with 20 Curls and 1 Thruster.

Once completed each PAX did 231 Curls and 231 Thrusters and moseyed 500+ yds with a block held above their head!!!! GREAT WORK MEN!!


F3 Mentor program- reach out to [email protected] to get more info and signed up

8/24 Stomp the Swamp

9/6 BRR

11/16 Lexington half/Cheech 10 K

Prayer request:


Sellers Family

Blindside’s family

Pledge of Allegiance