• When: 2017-11-14
  • QIC: Moist™
  • The PAX: Navy Bean (R), Dozer, Rainbird, Mercy Rule, DriSoket, Trickle, Bouche, Moist™

Moist™ said Jesus is like Burpees?!

Conditions: Cold and moist like an Eskimo armpit.



Slowsey to the upper practice


20 x SSH

25 x TTT

20 x LBAC (Forward)

20 x LBAC (Backward)

20 x OHC

20 x IW

Slowesy to the block pile and bring one to the 50(ish) yardline on the lower practice field


Break up into teams of 4

Start in the middle of the field and do 40 Burpees as a team

Bear-crawl along the 50yd line to the sideline (25yds) and do 100 LBCs as a team

Bear-crawl back to the center and get 40 more Burpees

Grab your block and over head carry to the back corner of the end zone.

200 Over Head Press as a team

Over head carry back to the center and get 40 more Burpees

Over head carry to the opposite corner of the same end zone

200 Curls for the Girls as a team

Over head carry back to center for 40 more Burpees

Rinse and Repeat on the other half of the field

Plank waiting on the six

Return the blocks and head to the wall at the baseball field

2.5 minutes People’s Chair

1 minute hands out

1 minute hands up

45 seconds Balls to the wall

Slowsey to the shovel flag



Before announcements and prayer requests YHC explained that the layout of this workout had a purpose to it.

So many times in life we put the comfortable and easy things in the center. We only allow the hard and difficult things to get attached to the outside of our safe zone. Being a good Christian and follower of Christ is very difficult with so many influences of sin. I find myself placing God on the outside of my comfortable life, and claiming the title Christian because I have a stiff arm length relationship with HIM. Burpees can be painful and difficult, but of all the exercises they are the most impactful. Christ can be like those Burpees in the middle. We cringe at the idea of facing our Savor because of our sins, but if we open our hearts and put HIM in the middle we will get better and grow stronger. God is the perfect Q. If we follow HIS lead, and practice perfect form we will find HIS grace and become purpose driven for HIS Kingdom.

Its an honor to have led these men today. I hope their hearts, minds, spirits were challenged as much as their bodies were.


Hairy Bison 30k this weekend at Harbison State Forest

Christmas Party Dec 15th @ Saluda River Club



CHiPs and his family

Vila from Ambush

Youth leader at Mt Horeb- Daniel “Stal” hoping for good news about cancer tests


Thumbs up is cancer free!! AMEN!!


The Pledge of Allegence