• When: 2019-09-17
  • QIC: Brainiac
  • The PAX: Dead Stick (R), Emmy, Ken Doll, Buzz Saw (R), Hawk, Katniss (R), Scribble, Brainiac

Meter’s 43

YHC pulled up and to an empty parking lot about 15 minutes before “kickoff.” YHC noticed a car that he had not seen in awhile pulling in. What do you know, the one and only Buzz Saw hopped out. YHC immediately knew that the PAX form better be on point. If not HIM would quickly correct it!!! Flag was planted. A few more PAX rolled in and YHC was surprised to see F3 Royalty walking our way. The one and only Ken Doll. Then , out of nowhere, Hawk appears! Emmy pulls up and grabs a block out of his trunk and Katniss was likely over at his car doing SSH for 5 minutes. It was great to see Dead Stick come out and Mall Walk. T- claps to that dude. He had heart surgery last week!!! Almost time to start and here comes Scribble. YHC yelled 10 seconds! YHC believes that this made Scribble even walk slower! He makes it to us. Time too get to work!! The PAX laid it all out there and gave it 100% Great work by everyone!!

Conditions: 67, 88% humidity. Felt like 90


Disclaimer still not a professional. Modify as needed. YHC disclaimer may have worried a few of the PAX. 


The Thang- 

“Meter’s 43”

Pullups X 10

Burpee coupon jump overs X 15

Coupon Curls X 20

Coupon Squat thrusters X 25

Gas pumps X 30

RINSE AND REPEAT for 43 minutes


F3 Mentor program- reach out to [email protected] to get more info and signed up

9/20/19 Tunnels to Tower 5K

9/21/19 “9/11 Challenge” at Smokehouse

11/16 Lexington half/Cheech 10— K Be on look out fir a discount code coming your way

11/23/19 Hairy Bison 15K (Free)

12/2019 CHRISTMAS PARTY….not sure of the date but it is on a Saturday!!

Prayer request:

Dead Stick- continued healing from heart surgery

Scribble- Work

Ebert- home alone without the M. He is responsible for his 2.0s…probably should pay for them too!