• When: 03-24-2018
  • QIC: Columbo
  • The PAX: Nobody

Me, Myself and I (working out alone stinks)

With a majority of #theherd PAX participating in the P200 YHC was certain there would be a low turn out for this Saturday workout.  YHC was right.  It was just me, myself and I on a cloudy 54 degree morning.

Working out alone stinks.  There was a strong urge to go home and crawl back in the fartsack.  But, I already here so I made the best of it.  There was no running involved in this workout.  I would have given the disclaimer but there was nobody to hear it.  I prayed to the Lord to watch over me.

Walk to legoland pick a block and carry to the dark corner.  Warm up with SS Hops, little baby arm circles, TT Tunnel, hip rotations,  TT Tunnel etc.

Start at dark corner 10 squats at each light pole along the walking trail for 10 poles return with big boy sit ups.  Rinse and repeat with curls for the girls, chest press, LBCs, merkins, bent over rows.  Continue for the one hour time limit.

As I said before working out alone stinks.  I was reminded of how I truly appreciate the accountability, encouragement and support of my F3 Brothers.  If I were to go back out on my own without them I wouldn’t or I couldn’t.

Announcements:  None as there was nobody to hear them

Prayer requests: None as there were nobody to make a prayer request.  I did pray for the safety of my brothers.

Dismiss to the confines of my home for coffeeteria.