• When: 2018-03-22
  • QIC: Lumbergh
  • The PAX: Fools Gold, Bumblebee, Laettner

LBCs With Bricks And Much More!

Work has really gotten in the way of me posting. I had 3 weeks straight of being on the road without posting. It was an even longer time since I got the opportunity to Q. So Thursday was the first open Q slot open so I picked it up. It just so happen to be the day before the P200 relay race. This was perfect because I Q’d the previous year’s Thursday-before-P200 workout, so it felt like tradition that I would Q! Of course what’s tradition without the same PAX from last year! Ha! So Bumblebee and Fools Gold show up along with Laettner who’s looking to get in on this tradition as well. Ha! So here’s the thang:


Side Straddle Hops 20
Through the tunnel 15
Calf raises 15
Mountain Climbers 10


Grab 2 bricks – head to the main futbol field (field 1). Next is a series of exercises that we perform at each of the 4 light poles. Goal is to mosey to each of the 4 light poles and touch it before exercising, however we found out quickly that it was pretty wet/muddy so we just “hung around” the light poles to perform the exercises.

Loop 1: with brick:
Shoulder Press x 10
Arm Spans x 10
Wing Spans x 10
Squats x 10

Loop 2:
Merikns x 10
Mountain Climbers x 10
Big Boys x 10
Flutter Kicks x 10

Loop 3:
LBC with brick x 20
This ended up being a popular one with the PAX. Take your bricks and hold them along your side. Lift your arms up as you do a Little Baby Crunch and touch the bricks to the top of your knees. Finish out the Crunch and place the bricks back down to your side.

Loop 4:
LBC x 10
LBC right side x 10
LBC left side x 10

Mosey to Basketball court
Suicides x 10: Start on sideline, mosey to mid-court, touch the ground, mosey back to side line, touch the ground, mosey to opposite sideline, touch the ground, mosey back to starting sideline, touch the ground. This counts as 1 rep.

Mosey back to futbol field to pick up bricks and put them away.

Hello Dollies: 60 seconds – last 10 seconds with hands in air

Circle up, name up, prayer:

Prayer. PAX circled up while I prayed. I focused the prayer on thanking God for getting us up in the morning and giving us strength to help others and be there for others. My prayer took a weird turn as I started recognizing those who have trouble with depression or who don’t see the light in their day that God has given us. I continued on praying asking God to give us strength for those in need.

Reflection. I didn’t know why my heart took me down the path of speaking about others who need us and asking God to give us strength to be there for them. It is a point that all of us need to remember but I didn’t know why… until I got to work. You see I was set to eat lunch that day with a friend who I haven’t caught up with in about a month. With all my travels I can easily lose touch with a friend even if it’s only for a few weeks; a lot can happen in that time. This friend I had lunch with is 27 years old and her father passed away 3 weeks prior. She knows that I lost my mother-in-law 4 years ago and I’ve seen my wife go through this tragedy. My friend needed my guidance, help, empathy, ear, and strength. It didn’t occur to me until later that day that I was praying to God to give me that strength. God works in all of us and He stands strong when we need Him most – and this small example shows me that He is listening all the time.