• When: 2019-07-04
  • QIC: DriSoket
  • The PAX: Niles, Macgruber, Scotch, Boat Plug, Popoff, Kenwood, Muggy Tape, Argyle, Drisoket, and... Trickle? Lol

Make Hollow Ambush CAT Great Again

YHC leading this morning started off as a joke by Paper Jam putting YHC down for a July 4th Q without my knowledge so YHC just went with it and owned it and came up with a game plan to make and red blooded American proud!! Here’s what went down

Conditions Typical Lexington July morning HOT and STICKY

One Min Warning

Disclaimer and No FNGs 

Warm up Mosey to (huge) block pile (thanks Macgruber!) and pick a good one Circle up in the hexagon. (Started American theme playlist which was focus of much mumblechatter)



25 Hillbillies IC

1 Burpee = 76 reps

The Thang

4 Rounds for a total of 1600 Reps

25 Curls 25 OHP 25 Tri Ext 25 Rows

25 LBCs 25 Am ham 2ct 25 Skull Crushers

25 gas pump 25 flut kick 2ct 25 Hello dolly

50 Chest press 50 Squat

Between each segment YHC asked each PAX what made America great to them (AKA a breather)


25 merkins, 25 heel touch 2ct, 25 calf raises on block to finish off Rep #1776

Put blocks up and mosey to SF for the as promised fireworks and refreshments!!!!

COT Countarama Namearama 


Ryan Rawl Challenge

kenwood Q at Urban Legend

Stomp the swamp sign up open


Prayer Requests 

Our Country and Troops

20mi Run boys


As we think about our freedoms today dont forget to remember our most important freedom… our freedom from sin and thank God for sending his son to die for us for that freedom!!! I challenge y’all to read Romans 8:1-8 in the message version of the Bible