• When: 2019-07-04
  • QIC: Sled
  • The PAX: Ballboy, Ripcord, Spool, Smokescreen, Sled

Score celebrates our country and our flag on this independence day

It was a beautiful morning to be out in the gloom, and the five men who came out for a late edition of Score gave great effort, and sweated a lot. YHC wanted to do something that would honor our country and our flag, and had a theme to accomplish the task.

Condition: 78 degrees and muggy

The Thang:

Mosey to the flag pole in the front of Dreher and circle up:

First we all cited the pledge of allegiance, and were reminded about what a great country we live in.

Freedom Twist – IC – 7 reps

Burpees – OYO – 4 reps

Star planks – OYO – 17 reps

Side Straddle Hop – IC – single count – 76 reps

As you can see, the reps represented our country’s independence – 7-4-1776

After several stretching exercises, we repeated the above exercises with the following reps: 7,4,20,19 – YHC explained this was to represent our 243 years of independence, as we counted through today – 7-4-2019

Mosey to the steps in front of Dreher for the following exercises:

Decline merkins – IC – 7 reps

Dips – IC – 4 reps

Calf raises – OYO – 17 reps

Step ups – OYO – 76 reps

Once again, representing our country’s independence – 7-4-1776

After a jog around the flag pole, we repeated the above exercises with the following reps: 7,4,20,19

After one more round of Freedom Twists, we moseyed to get two bricks for a quick  brick workout, as follows:

Tricep extensions – IC – 7 reps

Raise the roof – IC – 4 reps

Alternating arm flutters – IC – 17 reps

Curls for the girls – IC – 76 reps (single count)

The above exercises were then repeated with the following reps: 7,4,20,19

After putting the bricks up, the pax moseyed to the parking lot beside Dreher where YHC had laid out cones and stars(my daughter did a great job of cutting out perfect stars in red, white and blue colors for this exercise).

We then celebrated our flag with the stars and stripes part of the workout:

YHC explained this would be the “Star” portion of the workout.  Each man stood at a cone, and bear crawled towards one of the stars, and performed 20 reps of the exercise written on the star (the exercises included: Hello Dolly, Rosalita, Little Baby Crunches, Flutter kicks, and Freddy Mercury).  After completing that exercise, bear crawl back to the next cone and do 19 overhead claps.  YHC explained the reps indicated this year, 2019, and clapping is our way of celebrating the greatest country in the world.  The men continued bear crawling to each star, and the path was actually a star pattern.  All pax completed all exercises.


Everyone then moseyed to the edge of the parking lot for the “Stripes” portion of the workout.  YHC explained that each man would run down a stripe in the parking lot and do declining exercises, as follows:

Do 20 Big Boy Situps at the beginning of the stripe

Jog to middle of the stripe and do 19 Squats

Jog to end of the stripe and do 18 merkins

Jog back to middle of the stripe and do 17 Squats

Jog back to beginning of the stripe and do 16 Big Boy Situps

Continue this pattern until you get to 1


Circle up for one more round of Freedom twist

Spool then called one round of Big Boy Situps, 22 IC, in memory of Jared Lorenzen, who passed away yesterday.

COT and ball of man and then on to the Thicket for coffeeteria. Great work by all.