• When: 2019-10-29
  • QIC: MacGruber
  • The PAX: Field Goal, Muggy Tape, Wire Nuts, Rosie, Feeney, iheart, Watson, Gypsy, Bubble Wrap, Mind Craft, She Shed, Borland, King Pin (R), Pile, Terrasi, Black Light, MacGruber

MacGrubers’ Ready Ready…. Q

After attending the grand opening of Beachhouse I knew I had to get on the Q sheet over here early. No doubt this group of men have two strong leaders guiding them.
Conditions: The weather was weathery
The Q tried to drum up some guys for SL to no avail, but they came out in strong numbers for BC.
1 minute warning
Standard Disclaimer
TTT x 12 – IC / Windmill x 15 – IC / LBC’s x 15 – IC / Gas Pumps x 20 – IC
30 SSH IC followed by 2 6-count burpees
25 SSH IC followed by 4 6-count burpees
20 SSH IC followed by 6 6-count burpees
15 SSH IC followed by 8 6-count burpees
10 SSH IC followed by 10 6-count burpees
TOTAL – 100 SSH’s and 30 6-count burpees
Next was mosey to the top parking lot for Animal Races
Animal Race Sequence: Inch Worm there and mosey back – Crab walk there and reverse crab walk back – Gorilla run there and gorilla run back (Field Goal made some noises of which none sounded like a gorilla) – Kangaroo hop there and kangaroo hop back – Some guys had some hurting shoulders so we skipped the bear crawls and crawl bears
Total – 200 yards of animal races
Thanks to MT for bringing a truck load of blocks – not so much to the pax delight
Start at first light pole in the median
-Curls for the girls x 15 – overhead carry to next light pole
-Block Merkins x 15– overhead carry to next light pole
-American Hammer w/blocks, 2 count x 20 – overhead carry to next light pole
-Tricep Extension – x15 – overhead carry to next light pole
-Mosey to starting pole and mosey back
-Block Squats x 15 – overhead carry to next light pole
-Halos x 10 – overhead carry to next light pole
-Napalms – x7 – blocks back to MT’s truck
Circle up – tight – on your 6
-20 iron crosses – legs kept up when finished – each pax in counter clockwise order got up and threw each pax legs to the ground. Pax were not supposed to let feet touch ground. NO DOUBT this was most of these guys first time doing this – lots of school girl laughing during this workout
-Flutter Kicks x 20
-Heel Touches x 20
-Heels 6 inches off the ground – someone please advise this pax how to count to 3
Recover to the flag:
*Cheech 10K and Lexington Half – Nov 16
*Cheech convergence run will be next Friday – November 8th. Meet at Stride behind old courthouse in downtown Lexington off Maiden Street. All run and rucking groups converging for a morning run/ruck in remembrance of Cheech. Runners of all paces will be there – if you don’t feel you are a strong runner don’t worry there will be someone there to run your pace.
*Ken Doll made the statement when he Q’ed at Beachhouse about how many FNG’s from the original launch he recognized were still there. That’s awesome – keep it up guys. Remember F3 is fun in optimal weather but when winter gets here and it gets cold – numbers always drop. Now is when each new pax makes the commitment to themselves and fellow pax to continue to show up when the conditions are not so optimal. Muggy Tape and Field Goal put a lot of effort into leading this AO so make sure you post and support them. Pride in your AO is shown by consistent attendance. Two of my most memorable times with F3 happened during a hurricane and the other on a cool 25-degree morning.
Ready Ready………..
Until next time………

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