• When: 2019-11-26
  • QIC: MacGruber
  • The PAX: Grave Digger, Cramps, Heisenburg (R), Wild Hog, Hedges, Kenwood (R), Irrev, Glue, All 9’s, MacG and Slumlord (R) and Half Empty running during BC

MacGruber visits the Hollow

Conditions: The weather was weathery and chilly

6 (if my memory is correct) for SL

30 Second warning

Disclaimer – Listen to your body but don’t modify

Prayer – I feel like I nailed it


Instant start for the morning – 12 6-count Burpees

All IC-

SSH x50

LBC x 25

Mtn Climber x 25

Head to the soccer field

We ran the distance of the soccer field each time – I don’t feel like it is a legit 100 yards so we will call it 80 yards

*Jog 160 yards which was the other end and back followed by 25 Block Merkins

*160 yard Karaoke followed by 25 block squats

*160 yard Butt Kicker followed by 25 American Hammer (2 count)

*160 yard run with first 40 yards at 75% power, 40 yards at 100% power and mosey back followed by 25 curls

*160 yard run back peddle followed by BBSU

*160 yard run 40 back peddle then flip your hips like Dion Sanders and sprint to soccer goal (repeat back) followed by 25 shoulder press – Hedges argued whether it was a chest press or shoulder press and since it was my Q his vote didn’t count, I rule I was right

*160  yard run – 40 yard karaoke and flip to 40 yard back peddle (repeat back) followed by 40 block swings

*160 yard run high knees and job back followed by chest press while on 6

By this point we had covered about 2 miles total

9’s has a good memory and reminded me I told him only seven rounds so he was not happy I lied……..but he is a lawyer so he stretches the truth for living right???

Mosey to the steps in front of the gym. As we passed CAT they were ending their workout in the circle – I yelled at Iron Mary to come join us at the steps when he finished but he must have got lost because he didn’t show up. Maybe next time I need to draw him a map.

Bottom of stairs – 11 bonnie Blair’s then reverse bear crawl up the stairs and 11 merkins at top

Run down the walk way back to bottom. Grave Digger said running is for chumps and went back down stairs. Two people you don’t mess with – mad wives and OG’s. This being the case I let him do as he pleased.

Bottom of stairs – 9 bonnie Blair’s then reverse bear crawl up the stairs and 9 merkins at top

Run down walk way……7-5-3…you get the idea. About round 7 a small group of chit chatters formed a circle and worked out their jaw. I hope that muscle comes in handy one day.

Recover to the flag:



*Christmas Party

*Shirt Orders


*Kenwood and 2.0 doing a run/walk/ruck Friday morning – see him for details.

Prayer Requests

*Cheers childhood friend who passed away


*People traveling for holidays

*Irrev’s daughter has sickness

*Cramps daughters surgery moved to December

*Terry Aughtry who was hit and killed last week

Regardless of the outcome this weekend – Clemsun sucks and GO GAMECOCKS