• When: 2019-11-14
  • The PAX: McNugget, Boo Boo, Stretch, Bendie, Blow Out, RA, Leon, Pink Man, Duckie

Stand By Your Man Rinse and Repeat; Better Late than Never

Not to bad, a 10 count , for Zima’s  “Stand by your Man” rinse and repeat total body workout.  To continue the total body workout lead themed workouts.  I hope that having the partner to help push you through, is a plus!

Conditions: 47 crisp degress

Warm Up

Started with SSH, little baby arm circle forward, then reverse, then raise the roof, in cadence for all with with a count of 20.  Mosey on over to grab the pills aka “are those BOMBS going off” before 6:00am??

The Thang

Mosey over to the bus loop with the pills in tow, at top of the loop partner up.  Then you have 10 merkins, 20 squats with the pills (leave one pill at the top of the loop) after both partners have done 10 and 20 each, run together the other end with 1 pill.  Then you have 20 LBC and 20 curls for the girls, have to stay with partner the whole time.  Rinse and repeat for 10 circuits for a total of 100 merkins each , 200 squats each, 200 LBC each, and 200 curls each.  With a little bit of running mixed in ( i think right at 2 miles from the top of the loop to the bottom, back and forth in between sets).  Then mosey back to drop the pills off, and then to the COT. Had a few minutes left, so can’t leave out the ABS.  Flutter kicks in cadence for count of 25, LBC’s in cadence for count of 25 and then Right leg up and left arm to the knee and then switch it up to finish strong ( 20 each ).  5 min abs to finish it off! Work was done!!