• When: 2020-09-04
  • QIC: MacGruber
  • The PAX: Argyle, Ken Doll, Brick, Forrest, Breakfast Club, Rock Drop, Arrears, Soaker, Mac G

MacGruber says UL is the smartest AO

***Written by MacGruber and posted on his behalf***

Been a while since I Q’d at UL so it was time to get back even though I knew I would have to put up with Argyle and his shenanigans.

Conditions: This probably comes as a shock, but it was steamy and moist.

1-minute warning, Standard Disclaimer, Prayer

15 TTT
30 SSH’s

Next was mosey to the bottom of the hill
-Back pedal up hill and mosey down
-Karaoke up hill and mosey down
-back pedal halfway up, flip hips like a corner covering a receiver, 75% effort up the 2nd half of the hill. Mosey back to the truck and grab a block and head to top of parking garage.

-power hour playlist starts and plays a song for 1 minute and then skips to the next song. Pax had to complete the called exercise for the entire minute until the song changed. I may have missed one or two, but we did: merkins, LBC’s, hello dolly’s, squats, flutter kicks, block swings, chest press, sumo squats with jump, curls, bobby hurleys,

Correct answer and pax picks exercise and I pick of reps, wrong answer and it’s 10 burpees
Play along to see how many you get (Answers at the end)
1.) Name the 5 oceans on earth?
2.) Name 3 branches of Government?
3.) What causes tides in the ocean? A) centrifugal force B) Moon C) Earth’s rotation
4.) What is the biggest island on earth?
5.) Name the 5 great lakes?
6.) What are the three primary colors?
7.) Name the state dog, flower, insect & dance?
8.) How many bones are in the human body? A0 157 B) 172 C) 206 D) 216?
9.) How many teeth are in the adult human’s body? A)26 B)28 C)30 D)32?
10.) Name the three SC land regions?
11.) What country has the highest redhead population?
12.) How many people have walked on the moon? A)0-5 B)6-10 C)11-15 D) 16-20
13.) Who invented the light bulb? (a softball question for Ken Doll)
14.) Question just for Argyle – What team has knocked Clemson out of the college world series the most?

Recover to the flag and put blocks up.

*9/11 Smokehouse event coming up on September 26th
*Dam to Dam sold out by 11:00am of opening day. See MacGruber if you want to buy his team entry for $600. Cash ONLY!
*If you want a Ken Doll sign for school board – see Ken Doll
*Saturday morning at CAT with Mercy Rule as the Q

Prayer Requests
-Lexington School Districts starting back to school
-Brick’s FIL knee surgery
-Mac G’s grandmother

1.) Atlantic, Pacific, Indian, Southern and Antarctic
2.) Judicial, Legislative and Executive
3.) Moon
4.) Greenland
5.) Huron, Erie, Michigan, Ontario and Superior
6.) Blue, Yellow and Red
7.) Boykin Spaniel, Yellow Jasmine, Praying Mantis and Shag (ask pickle about his shagging story)
8.) 206
9.) 32
10.) There is much debate about this but Piedmont, Blue Ridge and Coastal Plains
11.) Scotland
12.) B
13.) Thomas Edison
14.) THE University of South Carolina – I have no idea if it’s true but is has happened 3 times!

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