• When: 2018-03-13
  • QIC: Deadstick
  • The PAX: Brainiac, Ebert, 6 ft Under, Dead Stick (R)

Lucky 13

This was similar to the Lucky 13 Q I did on February 13th, but I modified it to 13 warm-up exercises and changed from merkins to burpees between them.

Conditions: Clear and a chilly 31 deg. Crescent moon rising at the end of BC.

The Thang:
Pledge of Allegiance
A. Warmup – (13 reps each with 1 Burpee Between – Increment One Each Time)
  1. Through the Tunnel
  2. Little Baby Arm Circles (13 Fwd, 13 Rev.)
  3. Side Straddle Hop
  4. Windmill (Don Quixote’s)
  5. Overhead Clap
  6. Imperial Walker
  7. Turn & Bounce
  8. Squats
  9. Flutterkicks
  10. American Hammer
  11. Merkins
  12. Bigboy Situps (13 OYO)

Get Coupon from the Block Pile

B. Circuit – Walk to grass area at parking lot with block
Set 1
  • 13 curls for the girls (OYO)
  • Bearcrawl to fence under canopy
  • 13 calf raises (IC)
  • Mosey around the loop back to grass area
Set 2
  • 13 Bigboy situps (IC-OYO)
  • Bearcrawl to canopy
  • 13 American Hammer (OYO)
  • Mosey around the loop back to grass area
Set 3
  • 13 overhead presses (OYO)
  • Bearcrawl to fence under canopy
  • 13 calf raises, toes together, heels spread out (IC)
  • Mosey around the loop back to grass area
Set 4
  • 13 flutter kicks (OYO)
  • Bearcrawl to canopy
  • Not so Lazy Boy (3 cycles of 5 count)
  • Mosey around the loop back to grass area
Set 5
  • 13 tricep extensions (OYO)
  • Bearcrawl to fence under canopy
  • 13 calf raises, heels together, toes out (IC)
  • Mosey around the loop back to grass area

Return Coupons, gather at flag

Count off 5 PAX, NameORama


  • P200 coming up 3/23-3/24.
  • Mentoring program is organizing at local schools, contact KenDoll if interested [email protected].
  • F3 5K, 5/6/18 – @F3_3rdF_5K, Mac is organizing, donations go to Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Shake and Bake is nominated for Man of the Year award.
  • Tinkle is organizing a trash pickup along Hwy 6 & Platt Springs Road.
  • Ebertfest!  Film Festival, Champaign, IL 4/18-4/22, www.ebertfest.com.

Prayer Requests:

  • Brainiac’s buddy who passed away recently at a young 42 years of age.
  • Tinkle, his son & family.
  • Praise for Tinkle for encouraging me to come to F3 two years ago!


(Originally heard from H4T at 4-year convergence, who gave credit to Cheech)

There is a story about an ancient tribe of Arctic dwellers. They used the numbing effect of ice to destroy the wolves that were coming into their camps and killing their valuable dogs and other animals. The hunters would coat a knife blade with the fresh blood of an animal, let it freeze, then repeat the same thing over and over until the sharp steel was concealed by a thick covering of frozen blood. Then they would stick it into the snow, handle down and blade exposed upward. When the wolf’s well-trained nose would find the exciting, flavorful “Popsicle” trap it would begin to lick it. As the wolf’s tongue slowly numbed from the ice, the smell of the blood drove him to keep licking. By the time it licked down to the finely sharpened blade, its tongue would be so deadened by the ice that the wolf didn’t know the blade was slicing its tongue to shreds and he was feasting on his own blood. Wounded, the predator would wander off into the woods and likely bleed or starve to death.

While this method of hunting is unusually cruel, it is effective. The way intense cold sneaks up and wreaks havoc is a good picture of the spiritual truth. Through habitual sin, the “skin of our spirit,” can be numbed, which eventually can block our ability to feel the “godly sorrow that leads us to repentance”. How many of us have given in to the sordid fits of hunger and were slowly numbed by them, so much so that we kept consuming until our “tongues” reached the blade of destruction – and sometimes continued until a figurative death?

Take a moment in this cold world we live in and carefully consider how you live your life. Are you licking with a frenzy on any “Popsicles”? If so, ask God to help you now and renew your sensitivity to His leading before you reach the blade.