• When: 2018-03-13
  • QIC: Ocho Cinco
  • The PAX: Dingy, Crayola, Columbo, AB, Tuff Guy, Whittle

“Little Brick Shuffle”

The frost was holding back a few strong soles from getting out of that fartsack but 7 of us got a little better this morning. One of which was making his first journey down this crazy rabbit hole called “F3”. Welcome “Dinghy”!

Conditions: Cold and clear
The Thang:
We moseyed to the cantina for a little warmup
Windmill 15x ic
TTT 15x ic
Slow sumo Squats 15x ic
BBSUps 15x ic
Shoulder tap Merkins 15ic
X and Os 10x ic
Merkins 15x ic
Flutter kicks ic
Circle Burps 2 rounds

We moseyed to the brick pile and grab 2 bricks and took a little stroll around the parkinglot doing the “Little Brick Shuffle” consisting of Arm raises and shoulder presses as we mosey around.
We broke into 2 groups, 1 Run around parking lot and the other doing the following until the other group returns and rotate
-Arm raises
-Shoulder press
-Bent over fly’s
-Chest flies


P200 Next weekend 23rd and 24th, Convergence at Oliver Gospel Mission on Saturday the 31st