• When: 2019-10-22
  • QIC: Scotch
  • The PAX: Iron Mary, GraveDigger, Cramps, Kenwood, Dangle

Lil Shawty

YHC checked the weather before going to bed last night and we had a 90% chance of rain.  Woke up and checked the weather…no rain.  We actually had some sprinkling rain at times but the 6 pack of pax that posted didnt mind.  They were posting regardless of the weather.

Disclaimer and prayer

The Thang

Circle up after prayer

SSH x10 IC

10 merkins OYO

TTT x10 IC

10 merkins OYO

Windmill x10 IC

10 merkins OYO

LBAC forwards x10 IC

LBAC backwards x10 IC

10 merkins OYO

Overhead clap x10 IC

Dirtybird x10 IC

10 merkins

Mosey to brick pile and grab two bricks.  Indian run to the first “corner” of the track.  Next exercise is 4 corners.  Run 2 laps with bricks in hand.  At each corner, do 20 squats/20 tricep extensions/20 dirtybirds.  Total of 160 per exercise.

Leave the track and indian run with bricks, around the front of the school (Lil shawty route) and then finish up at the brick pile.  Put up bricks and mosey to lower soccer field.

YHC set out 2 NoxGear Vests at 20 yards apart.  Next exercises were to complete a suicide starting at the goal line and moving to the 2 lighted stations.

Round 1 – face the school and karaoke suicide.  At each point, 10 Bobby Hurleys

Round 2 – face the other direction and karaoke suicide.  At each point, 10 jump squats

Round 3 – run backwards for the suicide and complete 10 speed squats at each point

Round 4 – run normal suicide, 10 monkey humpers at each point

Head back to flag for final few minutes of ab work.

20 flutter kicks IC



Dam to Dam is full unless you want to volunteer or sponsor

Brick is Thursday Q

10/26 – Go Leo 5K

11/16 Cheech 10k

12/14 Christmas party

Prayer requests

Dangle personal

Po’s daughter and family

GraveDigger’s father in law

Scotch’s career decisions


Its great to see Dangle posting consistently.  6 total pax isnt what we are used to at The Hollow.  Smaller numbers are good sometimes for fellowship and this morning was good for just that.  We pushed hard and ran a lot.  The abbreviated Lil Shawty route was tough carrying bricks and doing an indian run with 6 pax.  We worked harder because of the smaller numbers, so for those that fartsacked, we did your work for you.  It was a great morning and Thursday will be great also.  Come out and support Brick, you know he will bring it.