• When: 2017-09-22
  • QIC: Happy Trees
  • The PAX: Aunt Bee, Tongue n Groove, Caboose, Puck, Honcho, Shankopotamus, Happy Trees

Like a Virgin

One regular face had his first run at the Rooster this AM. Tongue n’ Groove (TnG fo’ short) usually posts at our local BC AO Smokehouse. He heard the crow of the Rooster, well actually the call of early P200 training (first relay…TCLAPS TnG) and was taken on his first date by Aunt Bee. Shankopotamus was there to chaperone so get your minds out of the gutter. 3 Runners

Also on the agenda was the much anticipated speed ruck for those looking for the challenge. At least that is how it was advertised. Puck and Caboose were prematurely excited, not uncommon but disheartening.  Unfortunately YHC strained a hip flexor last night pushing the rock. Okay… the true story is YHC tried to school his 9 yr old 2.0 after soccer practice and got a lesson. Instead of stretching like a pro, the dingus sat around and ate chewy lemonheads until the fartsack took him. Some people never learn. Needless to say the gangsta’ lean was in full effect #pimpruck. Not to leave a cliffhanger,  Honcho stretched YHC post run, sans chaperone, and it was glorious.  4 Ruckers

Conditions: A bit balmy



The Routes: The runners ran down main street, Right on HWY 1, Left on 245, Right on Rawls, Right on S. Hendrix, Right on HWY1, Left on Main, Back to Rooster, Run around surrounding roost roads patrolling for predators, back to flag after time.

Ruckers set out left on College, Right on Bernard, Left on Hwy 23, Right next to Hollywood’s palace of ointments and corn, Left on HWY 1, Turn around at the end of Swayze’s neighborhood due to fear of contagious farting, Backtrack to the Rooster, Wander through the roost until time and head back to the flag.

Count o Rama

Name o Rama’