• When: 2018-12-13
  • QIC: Kukoc
  • The PAX: Honeybun, Harp, AWOL, Stage Fright, Steamer, Finch

Kukoc’s Closer



Weather: Above freezing but not by much.

YHC continued holding out hope to see the PAX come rolling in and they did not disappoint.  Harp came rolling in, apparently right on time – at the 1-minute warning and Steamer joined us just in time to begin the workout.  It may have been planned but it sounded good to celebrate Steamer’s b-day with 10 ManMakers OYO.

The Thang:

SSH x15 IC
TTT x10 IC
WM x10 IC
ImpWalkers x15 IC
Copperhead Squats x10 IC
LBAC x10 F and x10 B
Between each exercise we performed Merkins x5 IC
The Viper
As YHC has missed every Monday this year at SnakePit and knew of the modifications that had been made I decided to bring back the original.  The perfect closing to the Week of Kukoc.

HR Merkins x15 at the base of each set of stairs
LBC x15 at the top of each set on the ends
BBS x15 at the top of each set in the middle
Rinse and REPEAT until time is called

If you are new to F3Lexington and haven’t done the Viper, it’s the Intense AMRAP which constantly goes up and down the stadium stairs.  Including the infamous Big Boy Stairs and including a beep test normally up and down the BBS but YHC forgot the stopwatch.

Mosey back to the flag
+1 more – Monkey Humpers x20 IC


Dec 14 – Tomorrow – F3/FiA Lexington Christmas Party at Saluda River Club from 1830 – 2300
Dec 24 – Nativity Ruck at 0500 – 0630 see Quis for further details
Jan 1 – Convergence at Graveyard stay alert for the PreBlast
Feb 16 – Dam to Dam Relay
March 22-23 – Palmetto 200: start training, find a team and stay motivated

Prayer Requests:
Hoboken’s knee
Finch’s Brother and SIL
CS’s 2.0