• When: 2017-12-26
  • QIC: Kenwood
  • The PAX: Mermaid, Polecat, Hollywood, Shankapotomus, Wilson, Doodle, Wino, Defect, Happy Trees, Nub, Aisle Five, Kenwood

Kenwood finally gets back over to Smokehouse

Since YHC hadn’t been over to Smokehouse in quite a while, I figured I’d fill an open slot on the Q sheet the day after Christmas.  That would be almost 18 months to the day since my last visit/Q (other than the Never Forget Challenge back in September).  Since it had been so long, I figured I’d use the same workout.  Same workout, same setting, but about 40 degrees colder.  About 1 mile covered this morning.  12 PAX total, 2 for SL, 1 for RL.

Conditions: mid 30s.  Cold but not unbearable.  Clear sky.

Here’s what went down… Group up for a quick prayer.  Mosey to the track and do a half lap where the disclaimer and COP was delivered.

  • 20x SSHops
  • 20x TTTunnel
  • 20x LBCs
  • 10x Merkins (20 total)
  • 20x Air Squats

Finish the lap where 5 cones were waiting.

Here’s the deal… Cones #1 and #5 are the endpoints – every time you get here do 3 burpees.  Cones #2,3,4 are the inside exercise points – every time you get here do the “lap 2x” number of reps.  A lap here was east-west on the football field.  Cones were spread out from sideline to sideline (about 50m total).

  • Cone #1 – start, do 3 burpees, run to cone #2
  • Cone #2 – do 2x lunges in place (2 each leg)
  • Cone #3 – do 2x 4” pvc merkins (one hand on the pvc, one on the ground, swap hands each merkin, 2 each side)
  • Cone #4 – do 2x big boy sit ups
  • Cone #5 – always do 3 burpees, turn around
  • Cone #4 – do 2x big boy sit ups
  • Cone #3 – do 2x 4” pvc merkins (one hand on the pvc, one on the ground, swap hands each merkin, 2 each side)
  • Cone #2 – do 2x lunges in place (2 each leg)
  • Cone #1 – always do 3 burpees, turn around

Rinse and repeat this routine adding +2 reps in the middle until ~7 laps completed (lap 1 = 2x reps, lap 2 = 4x reps,… lap 7 = 14x reps).

Like before, two 50# sandbags were in play.  The sandbags were placed at the start and were kept in motion during the routine.  If you got to the end and a sandbag was there, you had to pick it up and get it back to the other end.  You bypassed the inside middle exercises but still had to do the burpees at the end.  Leave it for the next guy.  Don’t do them back-to-back.

If you were keeping count, here are the reps performed (less any bypassed with the sandbags):

  • 1 lap – 9 burpees, 4 inside reps (R leg lunge, L leg lunge, R arm pvc merkin, L arm pvc merkin, BBSU)
  • 2 laps – 15 burpees, 12 inside reps
  • 3 laps – 21 burpees, 24 inside reps
  • 4 laps – 27 burpees, 40 inside reps
  • 5 laps – 33 burpees, 60 inside reps
  • 6 laps – 39 burpees, 84 inside reps
  • 7 laps – 45 burpees, 112 inside reps

As time came to a close, we mosied back to the parking lot. Count off, names, announcements, request, prayer.


  • New Year’s Day convergence @ Lexington High School. 7am. Multiple Q’s and your choice of workouts. Park in front.
    • https://www.f3midlands.com/lexington-sc/preblast-new-years-day-convergence
  • Saluda Launch – sign up to help get them up and running.
    • https://www.f3midlands.com/other/preblast-f3-saluda-launch
  • Cottonmouth – ruck event 12/30.
    • https://www.f3midlands.com/lake-murray-sc/preblast-the-cottonmouth-little-mountain-edition-december-30-2017
  • Shirt order coming soon (see Nub, Happy Trees).

Prayer Requests:

  • Babe’s M and Puck’s M are heading to Haiti.