• When: 2019-03-05
  • QIC: Ken Doll
  • The PAX: Swanson, Booster, Pick Axe, Tater, Simon Says, Granola, Jobu, Treadmill, Tattoo, Booo, Wapner, Canseco, Wilbur, Quisenberry, Dance Off, Ken Doll

Kamikaze: Block Edition

Quisenberry invited YHC to put a new spin on our region’s original AMRAP. After several evil laughs, the plan was finalized. Here’s what a block version of the Kamikaze looks like. Yeah, it was terrible. The conditions didn’t help.

Conditions: High 30s, rain

The Thang:


Mosey down to get a block and head to the start

Carrying a block the entire time, run to each of the 10 cones (the stars on the map) and perform prescribed block exercise at each cone. Reps start at 10. Add a rep each lap.

Cone 1: Shoulder Press
Cone 2: Block Swings
Cone 3: BBSU
Cone 4: Curls
Cone 5: Thrusters
Cone 6: Bent Over Rows
Cone 7: Napalms
Cone 8: Jump Over Burpees
Cone 9: Pull Ups (no block)
Cone 10: Cusacks

Recover at 5:42 and return blocks


Devo: Isaiah 5:18 “What sorrow for those who drag their sins behind them with ropes made of lies, who drag wickedness behind them like a cart!”

Prayer Requests:
-Hoser’s 2.0
-Swanson’s Dad and FIL
-Booster’s brother
-Praise for Kukoc’s newborn son

-Cobains for the downtime while YHC set up the course. The rain threw off the plan and prep time. Thanks for the pax-led warm up while YHC set up the course.
-Carrying a block for 45 min isn’t fun. What we lost in laps/reps was made up for in weight toting.
-No Kamikaze lap records were harmed this AM.
-Granola pushed YHC hard. Carrying a block tops the list of least favorite things. Granola insisted we run with it.
-Congrats to Team Booster for winning today’s challenge. It seems Team Canseco has been on a winning streak. This is a cool idea for accountability if your AO is seeking ideas to get pax engaged.

-Thumb’s Up is candidate for LLS Man of the Year. Details to come. Follow his page on Facebook
-We need mentors! Ask YHC for details
-3/9: Lighthouse for Life 5k: Register: https://www.runhard.org/pages/race-lighthouse.php
-3/16: Lexington Race Against Hunger. Register here: https://lrah2019.org/
-3/22-23: P200
-4/8-4/19: The Gauntlet. Preblast: https://www.f3midlands.com/columbia-sc/gauntlet-2019