• When: 2018-08-07
  • QIC: Quisenberry
  • The PAX: DearDiary, Wapner, DeadBolt, PeeJumper, Shag, Pocahontas, PickAxe, Hatchet, Booster, Treadmill, Chedda, Boo, Tattoo, TBP, SimonSays, Canseco, GloboGym - FNG, WiffleBall, BuzzSaw, ManBun, Ponzi, Kyrie, Quisenberry

Kamikaze August 2018

25 Pax including 1 FNG posted for the August running of the Kamikaze that featured stop #2 on the Summer CheddaChallenge.  Impressive work by the pax.  The next Kamikaze will be on September 4th.

Conditions: 75 and humid


Disclaimer / Prayer

Mozey from the parking lot, down the hill to the far left corner.


Scoring is 40 pts per lap, plus 1 pt per pound of weight.  Partial Credit awarded for completed portions of the lap as shown below.

  • Sprint up Hill (0.05) – 11 Merkins (0.10)
  • Run Down (0.15) – 11 BBSU (0.20)
  • Bear Crawl Up Hill (0.25) – 11 Merkins (0.30)
  • Jog Down Hill (0.35) – 11 BBSU (0.40)
  • Bunny Hop up Steps (0.45) – 11 Merkins (0.50)
  • Jog down hill (0.55) – 11 BBSU (0.60)
  • Sprint up Hill to the lightpole (0.65)  – 11 Merkins (0.70)
  • Fast mozey down long Ramp (0.75) – 11 BBSU (0.80)
  • Mozey to Blue Jungle Gym (0.85) – 11 Pullups or 11 Body weight rows (0.90)
  • Mozey to Track (0.95) – 11 Lunges each leg (1.00)
  • Mozey back to hill, recover as needed

Rinse and Repeat for 33 minutes, increasing reps by 1 each lap.

Results are posted Here.

#TClaps to YHC for Most Weight (20 lbs) and Chedda for Most points (268) and Most Laps (6.7).




  • For the merkin/BBSU count per lap completed
    • Lap 1 = 44
    • Lap 2 = 92
    • Lap 3 = 144
    • Lap 4 = 200
    • Lap 5 = 260
    • Lap 6 = 324
    • Lap 7 = 392
  • FNG: Cory Echternacht – 28 – Just Moved down here from 2 weeks ago from Ohio, looking for a workout group, played in a dodgeball league a couple years ago > Patches? > Nope already have one > The Ocho? > Average Joes? > GloboGym!!!! Welcome GloboGym



  • Corbet Anderson
  • Brainiac – Surgery Friday
  • ClamDigger
  • TheCloser – Eye Surgery
  • Squatter – Surgery Recovery
  • Rebar – Surgery Recovery
  • Canseco – Shoulder
  • Tater’s Father in Law and Family
  • PomPom’s M
  • William Anderson – cancer
  • Swanson’s Dad
  • YHC’s BiL
  • The Flanagans
  • Gump and Family

Devo: How God Sees Us through the lens of Jesus

As YHC was at the Beach, the process of washing off the sand came to mind.  Its a daily process, you can’t go wash off double the time one day and not have to do it the next time you go to the beach.  Kind of like sin, prayer and repentance.  God loves us just like our Family loves us, but God doesn’t allow Sin in Heaven just like no one wants sand in the beach house.

Secondly, how many pax will go home after a summer workout, dripping with sweat, and take a shower, only to put the same sweaty workout clothes back on after being washed clean in the shower.  The same can be said as we recognize sin in our lives, ask for forgiveness, and return to our same ways without repentance.

YHC heard a story about a father and son watching a parade in Colonial England as the Red Coat Army walked by.  The Son says, “Dad look at the soldiers in their beautiful white coats”.  The father was confused as the Soldiers were known for their Red coats, until he bent down to realize that his son was watching the soldiers through a red stained glass window. This is the same way God sees us.  Our redness of sin turns white when seen through the red stained glass window of Jesus.