• When: 2017-12-27
  • QIC: Stay Puff
  • The PAX: Shankapatomus (Respect), Urkle, Mermaid, Doodle and Stay Puff

Just Make It Up As We Go

YHC was a little nervous for the weather this morning but it turns out all we had to deal with was the cold as the moisture delayed until we were finished.  Since Urkle posted (at first we thought a sewing machine was pulling in but it was Urkle’s “car”) we were able to talk about him to his face rather than his ears burning in the comfort of his bed. And in continuing with Wino’s bb theme from last week it seemed  appropriate to look for any lights on at homes of those not in attendance.  This also helped modify the route as we ran and not increase our mileage but also our curiosity.

Conditions: Cold but dry

The Thang


Head out down Main St and took a right on 1.  We followed 1 all the way past Wino’s checking for lights. There were none. So onward to Bilo. But instead of about facing back down 1 we turned right on N. Carolina.  After crossing the railroad tracks we turned right on Hallman and then zig-zagged our way toward Sonic and then down Malibu to check out any activity at the Post office.  There was none. We then took a right on 23 and then another right on Hendrix back toward Hwy 1.  At this pointed it was suggested that instead of taking the left back down 1 we should stay straight and follow Rawls to see if there were any lights at Happy Trees’ place.  There were none. 2 Pax took the left on 1.  At the end of Rawls we took a left down 245 and then a right on 1 while figuring out which way the train was heading as all the gates were closing.  So we took a left on Main back towards the Rooster.  With the train blocking our way we took a right at the tracks and followed to Bernard.  We followed it back to the Rooster and then added 1 lap around the park to complete 5 miles.