• When: 2018-09-08
  • QIC: Ocho Cinco, Contra, Alter Boy
  • The PAX: Macho Man, Wild Man, Convoy, Smokey, Loose Screw, Columbo, Inuit, Tea Party, King James

Jumanji’s 4 Year Anniversary!


It was a good morning to be at Jumanji. We had 6 PAX form Strut and 6 PAX from Jumanji to celebrate our anniversary. The weather was good but the mumble chatter was better. We had a “”Tri-Fecta” Q planned and man it was worth every penny.

Conditions: Humid but not to hot.

The Thang:
Alter Boy warmed us up with a tour around our track to show off our facilities and to get us nice and loose.

First Up: “Abalicious” with Ocho Cinco. We started on the Right foul-ball line to start.
Bear Crawl to Center field
Flutter kicks 15x
Burpees 10x
Peter Parker 15x
LBCs 15c
Reverse Crunch 15x
Toe Touch Crunches 5x
Hillbillies 15x
Bear crawl

Next Up: Block Party with Contra
We made a trip back to “Lego Land” to grab some blocks or two bricks and got in a line for a “Indian Walk”. We took the hard way around the parking lot and circled up for some good fashion Curls, Overhead press, Goblet squats and a few more muscle building mania.

Last but not least: Carolina-Athens Games with Alter Boy
1959 30-14 Columbia 30 Merkins
1978 27-10 Columbia 27 Dips
1979 27-20 27 Athens Squats
1984 17-10 Columbia 17 Calf raises
1988 23-10 Columbia 23 Alt Lunges
1989 24-20 Athens 24 Merkins
1993 23-21 Athens 23 Dips
1996 23-14 Columbia 23 Squats
2000 21-10 Columbia 21 Calf Raises
2001 14-9 Athens 14 Alt Lunges
2007 16-12 Athens 16 Merkins
2010 17-6 Columbia 17 Dips
2011 45-42 Athens 45 Squats
2012 35-7 Columbia 35 Calf Raises
2014 38-35 Columbia 35 Alt Lunges
=380 Reps

We moseyed back to the shovel flag and closed out.

Announcements: Run For our Troops Tuesday and Tunnel to Towers  Friday