• When: 3-16-19
  • QIC: Inuit
  • The PAX: Tea Party, Alter Boy, Swamp Thing, Ocho Cinco, Milkbone, Contra

Jumanji 3-16-19

7 Pax arrived for some tunes and exercises as follows:

Warm up: Mosey around the parking lot , butt kicks, high knees, karaoke. Mosey to grassy area for musical fun.

Warmup to Thunderstuck (AC/DC) eg: jog in place until Thunder is heard and perform burpee everytime Thunder is said and return to jog in place.

Next, Snakefarm (Ray Wylie Hubbard) LBAC 10 forward 10 reverse IC, Imperial Walker, Air Squat

Start of the Thang: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor ( Drowning Pool)

This is done to the song Bodies by Drowning Pool (3:21). Start in plank position. When the song says “Let The Bodies Hit The Floor” do a Donkey Kick (26 Total). When the song counts (1, 2, 3, 4) do a Merkin (21 Total). Always plank when not doing Donkey Kicks or Merkins and never let your Bodies Hit The Floor.

The Thang:

Grab a block or two bricks, slowsy to canteen, partner up, P1 curls 4 girls while P2 runs to sidewalk, flapjack, excercise 2, P1 tricept extensions, P2 run to sidewalk, flapjack, excercise 3, P1 bent over rows, P2 run to side-walk, flapjack. Take bricks back to block pile.

Mosey to dumpster hill, perform elevens, raise roof at the bottom and merkins at the top, bear crawl up and run down hill.

Mosey to pick up area of school, Partner up again P1 exersise and P2 runs to traffic cone. Flap jack, here are some of what we performed. LBCs, flutter kicks, ray charles, BBSU.

Mosey to virtual shovel flag